Wyatt Hubert, Briley Moore look to improve draft stock after promising Pro Day

Junior defensive end Wyatt Hubert looks at crowd during K-State's 24-17 victory over TCU on Oct. 19, 2019. Hubert is one of the 10 Wildcats to take part in K-State's Pro Day on Tuesday. (Archive Photo by Dalton Wainscott I Collegian Media Group )

The Kansas State football team hosted its annual Pro Day on Tuesday, March 9 to help its players prepare for the 2021 NFL draft. Junior defensive end Wyatt Hubert and senior tight end Briley Moore showcased their talent in front of NFL scouts.

“Personally, I think I tested pretty well,” Hubert said. “Some things I think I exceeded my standards, some things I could’ve done a little bit better, but, overall, I’m happy with my times. It was definitely a good day, not just for me but for a lot of my teammates. It was really nice being out there with nine or 10 other guys that I’ve played with for the last two to three years.”

Hubert recorded the eighth-most sacks in K-State history with 20 during his three seasons with the Wildcats. Hubert was also the only unanimous first-team 2020 All-Big 12 defensive player in the conference.

Hubert said he spoke with representatives and scouts for several NFL teams including the Cincinnati Bengals, Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs

When asked about what he would be doing to prepare from now until the draft, Hubert said he was going to focus on his flexibility and bending skills.

“I talked to a few coaches and a few scouts after we were done with all the drills,” Hubert said. “ You can never be flexible enough, especially at the edge position that I play. That’s going to be the main thing I hone in on and focus in on these next two to three months before the draft.”

Hubert ran the three-cone drill in seven seconds flat, which for a player weighing 265 pounds is a remarkable feat. To compare, NFL star outside linebacker Khalil Mack ran a 7.08 prior to being drafted in 2014.

When asked about his mindset for the NFL draft and being labeled as one of the most underrated prospects before going into the 2021 draft, Hubert said he has a lot of things other players don’t have.

“My football IQ and my knowledge of the game are some things that exceed a lot of other players in this draft class,” he said. “Just how smart I am and how experienced I am at multiple different positions. I definitely have a chip on my shoulder — I want to be the best player I can be and want to exceed past all the other edge rushers in this draft class.”

Moore was also the talk of the Pro Day. Having played only one season at K-State, the senior tight end racked up 338 yards and three touchdowns.

Though injuries plagued him during his only season with the Wildcats, he was invaluable in the win against No. 3 Oklahoma where he caught four passes and hauled in a touchdown against both Texas Tech and Kansas.

Coming in at 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds, Moore follows the recent trend of a more pass-catching, big-play tight end rather than the traditional block-focused tight ends of the past.

“It’s funny because when you’re talking to scouts, they’ll say, ‘You’re a good receiving tight end, but we didn’t know you could block that well,’” Moore said. “Then I’ve talked to some who have said, ‘You’re a great run-blocking tight end and I was surprised at how good you were in the receiving game.’ I love to hear that because it shows the versatility that I was talking about.”

Moore and Hubert received invitations to the NFL Combine before it was canceled, but when both were asked about where they might land, Moore shared Hubert’s mantra of “coming in and doing whatever I can to help a team compete.”

“I feel confident,” Moore said. “Going into this next phase, the numbers I put up today, I’ll be able to go to sleep tonight knowing if May 1 comes around and I don’t get a call during the Draft or whatever it is, I can go to sleep tonight knowing it’s not because I didn’t do everything I could at Pro Day.”

The NFL Draft begins April 29 and continues until May 1. Several draft experts expect Hubert to be a middle-round draft pick and Hubert is projected as a seventh round pick.