Grammy-nominated musician Giveon gets personal in new compilation album


Grammy-nominated R&B musician Giveon released his 13-song compilation album “When it’s All Said and Done… Take Time” on March 12, combining his two previously-released EPs and adding a previously-unreleased song, “All to Me.”

Giveon Dezmann Evans — artistically known as Giveon — made his musical debut in 2018 with the self-released single “Garden Kisses,” hitting the spotlight in March 2020 after appearing on Drake’s “Chicago Freestyle.” A year later, Giveon went against musicians like John Legend and Gregory Porter at the 2021 Grammy Awards for Best R&B Album.

While Legend ultimately won the award, Giveon’s crisp baritone voice, insane range and flawless vocal runs make him a force to be reckoned with. Giveon is making a name for himself, and I expect he’s just getting started.

Giveon’s March 12 release, “When it’s All Said and Done… Take Time,” combines his debut and follow-up EPs. The compilation was released to recognize the first anniversary of his debut EP.

Covering topics like love and lust, his hometown and the pangs of heartbreak, Giveon bares his soul in this beautifully-produced project.

Giveon opens the album with “The Beach,” referencing his hometown of Long Beach, California. In an interview with Vice, he talked about his experiences growing up in Long Beach during “the peak of gang culture.” Despite the dangers, Giveon said he wouldn’t want to have grown up anywhere else.

“The Beach” transitions right into “World We Created,” a soft love song comforting his lover’s insecurities. He sings, “I need you to trust and believe when I say this / Ain’t nothing or nobody that’s ever gonna break us.” When they’re together, nothing else in the world matters.

After a brief interlude, Giveon steps out of his lover’s world and ventures into another, one he considers his “Favorite Mistake.” He knows he’s being unfaithful, but he can’t seem to get over this mistake. He admits over ambient keyboard chords and backing vocals that, “We both know it’s wrong / But you’re still coming over / Even when you’re gone / The feeling just grow stronger.”

“This Ain’t Love” shows off Giveon’s flawless falsetto and insane vocal runs as he sings about an extremely unhealthy yet passionate relationship. The song’s outro teases the instrumentals of the next song, “Heartbreak Anniversary.”

Remembering the first anniversary of a breakup, Giveon brings beauty to the pain of heartbreak. In the chorus he sings, “‘Cause I remember every time / On these days that feel like you and me / Heartbreak anniversary, do you ever think of me?” Piano and distorted guitar blend with Giveon’s painfully passionate vocals in this tear-jerker.

“Like I Want You” showcases Giveon’s bold baritone voice in the verses and his flying falsetto in the chorus, while “Vanish” uses ambient rain and dreamy guitars to lull the listener into a trance. “Vanish” ends with a voicemail snippet of Giveon apologizing for his hypocrisy and mistakes.

“When It’s All Said and Done” is a transition from Giveon’s “Take Time” EP, with Giveon finally giving up on the person he loves, promising he’ll “be good when it’s all said and done.” This flows into “Still Your Best,” an egotistical comparison to his ex’s “downgrade.” Giveon deals with the end of the relationship by saying he’s, “Still your best I know, love it or hate it.”

“Last Time,” a duet between Giveon and Swedish singer/songwriter Snoh Aalegra, has the two artists sing of spending one more night together, even though they keep telling themselves it’s the last time. They sing in the chorus “Don’t make me regret it, I don’t wanna say it / Let’s not overthink it, baby.”

Still trying to get over the relationship, “Stuck on You” emphasizes how difficult it is to sever romantic connections. He can’t even talk about his love for her anymore because everyone is so sick of him talking about her.

With a melancholy piano, layered backing vocals and reverberating drums, Giveon sings, “Waiting for you, even how you treat me / You’re my baby even when you leave me / Maybe I’m the one to blame / Maybe I’m the cause of the pain.”

In the compilation album’s final song, “All to Me,” Giveon promises a woman in a strained relationship that he’ll give her what she needs, saying “Oh, he still don’t make you feel beautiful / I know, but I do, just know I got you.” It’s a short song that gets straight to the point.

Giveon is still a fresh face in the music industry and has reached an impressive level of success in such a short time. When it’s all said and done, I’m sure Giveon will have his fair share of accomplishments.

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