International Cultural Exhibition features presentations of seven countries


At its third event of the year, the International Coordinating Council hosted the International Cultural Exhibition at Kansas State, presenting on seven countries: Pakistan, Iran, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Paraguay.

This is the first time the cultural exhibition has occurred via Zoom.

At the exhibit, international K-State students shared slideshows and videos showcasing different cuisines, beliefs, festivals, handicrafts, geography, clothing, customs and other fun facts about their countries.

ICC also made the exhibit interactive by showing photos of a country and then having the audience guess which country the photos were of. The council opened the floor to questions after each presentation.

During the event, Tahmineh Azizi, ICC member and graduate teaching assistant in mathematics, said the goal of ICC’s events is to “promote unity and diversity”.

This perspective led the ICC to receive the 2020 “Intercultural event of the year award,” presented by Sara Heiman, assistant director of the Center for Student Involvement, for its food festival from last year.

“The intercultural event of the year award honors a specific event that was planned, promoted and executed adequately, but also aided in the increase in intercultural competency and appreciation across campus, leaving a lasting impact for years to come,” Heiman said.

This year’s recipient, Heiman said, lets the campus community try native dishes from cultures around the world.

“This event was planned by students who dedicate themselves year-round, celebrating their own cultures and heritage, and this event was hosted as part of an ongoing effort to incorporate diversity-related themes and school culture,” Heiman said.

More information about the council and its upcoming events can be found on the ICC website.