A guide to Twitter for college students


Twitter was launched in 2006 and is a platform where individuals can share 140 character messages. Twitter connects users through tweets that get shared on their feed or timeline and the purpose of these tweets varies depending on what the person posts which often consists of links, photos, or shared thoughts about life or general commentary. Twitter is a social networking site that can be used by college students who want to stay connected, post updates, and share information. In addition to that, there are growth services available that allow users to buy Twitter followers, which can be a great head start for college students looking to get ahead. If you want to get started on Twitter, this article will go through the basics of using Twitter as a college student and will discuss topics such as: how to sign up for a Twitter account, what hashtags are, and will also discuss who should use Twitter to maximize their experience. 

What is Twitter and how does it work?

Twitter is one of the OG social media platforms that allows users to share their thoughts and opinions in what we call “tweets” of 140 characters or less (Think along the lines of micro-blogging). When you follow an organization or a person on Twitter, their tweets will automatically show up on your Twitter “timeline” and from there, you can choose to engage with their tweets which are highly recommended. To create a Twitter account, you will need to download the Twitter app from your app store or if you are using a desktop, go to www.Twitter.com/signup. The next step is to click the ‘sign up’ button where you will be guided through the signup procedure. Twitter will prompt you to enter your information including your name, cell phone number, and email address, and when signing up, you need to consider the username you want to use as well as an image for your profile that will best represent you. The largest demographic on Twitter are users between the ages of 25 and 34 years old, who make up 38.5% of Twitter users. 

Why should college students use Twitter?

Many people use Twitter to share updates regarding news and current events so it is a great platform to be on if you want to know what is happening around the world. It is very easy to connect on Twitter and college students can use the app to easily connect as well as for networking and job hunting. Twitter delivers news and real-time updates that you might not be exposed to in the school paper or on the news. Finally, it is very easy to share content from lectures and classes on Twitter. As a college student, you should use Twitter as a platform to add value to relevant conversations online. Overall, the app is very accessible and is great for information sharing and co-curricular learning. 

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of social media in general

Twitter doesn’t have a written set of rules and guidelines however there are a set of unwritten guidelines that you should observe as a user. When people tweet and engage with you, make it your mission to engage with them back as this will help you gain more followers and give your account a boost. If someone follows you and you notice that they regularly post informative and interesting content, you should follow them back otherwise you risk losing that follower. You should also make sure you don’t tweet anything that could get you in trouble because this reflects poorly on you and your school. Finally, you should make use of hashtags whenever you tweet because they will make your profile and your tweets more discoverable and could welcome new followers. To maximize engagement on Twitter, take part in trending hashtags, engage with other users and consistently post high-quality and thought-provoking content. 

So there you have it, social media is not just a place where we can find fun and entertainment when we are bored,  it is a platform that can be used as a tool for learning and networking. As a college student, you can use Twitter as a news source and you can share and engage with different opinions.