Friendships grow during Greek life work week

Sorority Recruitment in Bosco Plaza on Aug. 21, 2015. (Archive photo by George Walker | Collegian Media Group)

As part of Kansas State Greek life, members made connections and hope to form strong communities while planning and prepping during work week. Greek work week comes in anticipation of meeting potential new members of the varying chapters.

With COVID-19 restrictions minimized, recruitment, events and bid day will take place in-person, benefitting members who missed the atmosphere of spending time with housemates and attending events together.

“Work week is going great,” Kate Boerger, senior in nutrition and health, pre-nursing and member of Pi Beta Phi, said. “It’s so awesome finally getting to work together with everyone in person to prepare for recruitment. So far, we are getting ready to meet the potential new members and our new incoming pledge class. We’ve also had some fun sisterhood events like hip-hop cardio and sonic drinks for the whole house.”

Jami Breon, sophomore in secondary education, joined Alpha Gamma Delta this past spring through the continuous open-bidding process. This let her meet women from different sorority chapters in a relaxed setting and learn more about the different houses.

Breon said she enjoys meeting new people in her house and the Greek life community.

“I went into the process with biases to certain houses, and this led to me getting disappointed when I didn’t get a bid from a certain house, but I should have gone into it with an open mind,” Breon said. “There are so many nice girls in this community, and you’ll end up where you belong.”

While online recruitment and events allowed Greek life to continue this past year, returning to in-person has allowed members to thrive in their environment, support one another and make meaningful, lasting connections.

“[This year] has been a lot more like my freshman and sophomore year,” Madeline Alexander, senior in biomedical engineering and member of Alpha Chi Omega, said. “Obviously, during COVID, things were different, but I think we always did a good job of still connecting with our sisters through online events and sisterhood activities. I’m definitely excited to have an in-person bid day and recruitment process this year. Having more in-person events this year has allowed me to grow more in my friendships with the entire chapter.”

As existing friendships grow, the excitement of new members joining the chapters fills each house, meeting incoming pledge classes with support and leadership from upperclassmen.

“I’m so excited to get to know the incoming girls in-person through recruitment this year and hopefully grow those new relationships more through other fun events … like philanthropy events, homecoming and date parties,” Alexander said.