Top 5 Universities that Lead in Social Media Marketing


Social media platforms are a big part of our lives as they affect the society that we live in and every business, brand, and institution uses social media for marketing purposes. Today, you can grow your account in a few clicks by using an Instagram growth service like Growthsilo and reach a massive audience in no time. In fact, social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to grow your business or brand, because of the many tools available.

The importance of social media marketing has grown in the past few years. It is increasingly important for universities to be on top of their game when it comes to this aspect. Social media marketing can help a university increase its visibility and reputation amongst prospective students as well as current students. This article will explore some universities that are leading in terms of social media marketing and offer tips for how other schools can improve their rankings in this area.


Harvard University

This is hands down the most well-known university and this may or may not be due to its marketing on social media and its high academic rating overall. Its acceptance rate during 2020 was around 4% which just goes to show how competitive it is to get into the esteemed Harvard University. They have close to 2 million followers on Instagram, which shows that they are quite popular and in terms of what makes them a leader in social media, it would have to attribute to their existing audience of supporters.


University of Manitoba

Next up, we have the University of Manitoba which is found in Winnipeg and was founded in 1877. It’s considered a research university for the public in Canada and is well known for its desire to change things positively for the better. On Instagram, they have over 30 thousand followers and their student account has over 10 thousand followers. They also have a Twitter account and are highly active on social media and what makes them stand out is their love for research.


Stanford University

The third university on our list which is also quite infamous and well renowned amongst our society is Stanford University. They also have a very low acceptance rate of around 4% as it is quite competitive as a private research university. The university is situated in California and is one of the largest universities in the United States of America in terms of its land space. On Instagram, this specific university is close to one million followers which just goes to show how much of an influence that it has on society. Its massive following is largely based on the fact that it is considered as one of the top three best universities in the United States of America.


New York University

New York is a cold place to live in but it is hands down one of the most visited states in the United States of America. New York University has a slightly higher acceptance rate of around 16% which was reported during 2020, which is higher than the likes of Harvard and Stanford but is still relatively competitive to get into when compared to other universities. It is known mostly for its Arts and Literature students. The university has around 300 thousand followers on Instagram with over 1000 posts on the platform. As you can see, it is quite a popular university on the world wide web, and using social media has definitely helped with regards to its marketing.


The Ohio State University

Out of the list of amazing universities that we have mentioned, this specific university has one of the highest acceptance rates with about a 50% acceptance rate during the year 2020. In the state of Ohio, it is highly ranked and it is also a research-based university that is one of the best in its state. They have close to 300 hundred thousand followers on Instagram, and they have over 3 thousand posts on the platform.


In terms of what universities can learn from these big five, is that marketing on social media is the next big move and it definitely pays off, in the long run, to be consistent on social media as a university if you are looking for investors to pay off your debt.