Recruitment Week brings light to Greek life opportunities

Members of the Tri Delta sorority chapter run home with their Greek life sisters from Anderson Lawn on Bid Day after opening letters welcoming them to their chapter on Aug. 29, 2021. (Photo courtesy of Ariana Brancato | Panhellenic Council)

Greek life Recruitment Week concluded with a bang in Manhattan on Aug. 29, welcoming new members into sorority chapters with a celebration on Bid Day.

Ariana Brancato, director of public relations for Panhellenic Council and strategic communications and Spanish major, served as the neighborhood supportive role during Recruitment Week, helping chapters and potential members prepare for rounds and assisting with the voting process.

“Recruitment Week was amazing,” Brancato said. “It was so fun watching all of the potential new members go from the first round — which was video-based — to the end of the week, which was where we had Bid Day and we got to see them all run ‘home’ on Anderson Lawn.”

Recruitment Week takes place during the first week of fall semester classes. Madison Sutton, freshman in business administration, said attending school during the day took her mind off the stress of the recruitment process.

“I met a lot of great girls during rush, and I am so glad I got to experience sorority recruitment,” Sutton said. “On Bid Day, I opened my card to find out that I am in Tri Delta, which is so fun. … Getting to hang out with the girls after running to Anderson Lawn is something I’ll always remember from my college experiences.”

Brancato said her favorite part of Recruitment Week is the relationship- and connection-building the women experience while meeting new people. She said it is important to reach out and form companionship, especially for freshman and out-of-state students embarking on this process alone.

“Maybe it’s people you wouldn’t have crossed paths with otherwise, maybe it’s people who you are going to have friendships with in the future and they’ll become a resource, or really anything in between,” Brancato said.

Brancato said living in a supportive community and having philanthropic opportunities made her interests feel validated.

“I’ve encountered organizations where I get to work with the same philanthropic organization over a four-year term,” Brancato said, “so I think that, within my own chapter, getting to learn about our philanthropic organization [while] also getting to support the other Panhellenic chapters with their philanthropies is so valuable.”

As part of Phi Beta Kappa and as a Panhellenic Council member, Brancato also said she had multiple opportunities that set her up for success later in her career, like planning large events and running social media campaigns.

“It’s a really valuable experience to network with alumni and grow your resume, learn about adaptability and build friendships,” Brancato said. “[These are] really tactical skills that don’t seem so evident when you’re just going through recruitment, but as you grow … as a member, these experiences are invaluable and really set me up for graduation.”