Make Gift-Giving Extra Special with these 10 Personalized Gift Ideas


Did you know the origins of gift-giving date back to the dawn of mankind? In fact, the practice of celebrating birthdays can be traced to the Egyptians, and the Romans often presented one another with gifts in the form of good luck tokens. 

Centuries of gifts ranged from animal skins to elaborate gold jewelry handcrafted and adorned with precious gems. However, by the 19th century, gift-giving had become easier and affordable. 

In modern times, giving gifts has allowed us to express affection, congratulatory feelings or as a show of celebration. Today, the list of gift ideas for just about anything can span as long as your imagination.

Then again, some of the most memorable gifts are those that are personalized. Here’s a list of personalized gifts that you can give for any occasion:

1. The Weekender Bag

Do you have a road warrior in your family or friend circle? If so, you should know that these weekender apparel bags are the ideal size for weekend road trips. Plus, they can be personalized with your name or a favorite logo.

2. Monogrammed Stationery

With the popularity of email, it’s easy to overlook how impactful handwritten correspondence is to just about any recipient. Whether you use it to say thanks to family and friends or to build your business, monogrammed stationery is ideal for anyone’s desktop, adding a professional, classy touch when sending notes or letters.

3. Photo Art

Everyone has friends and family members whose smartphones are chock-full of family vacation and special-event photos. Rather than these photos taking up precious space, gift those you hold dear some framed photo art. You can even add some flair or a personal touch to photos of your family and friends by including a message, favorite quote or their name. Anything is possible with this idea.

4. Notebooks and Planners

August and September will be here before you know it. If you have a school-age child or relatives, give them the perfect back-to-school gift of a notebook or planner. You can even personalize it in a fashion that best suits their hobbies and interests. Got a college-bound student? Everyone needs a planner, especially those first trying to prioritize a busy academic and social life.

5. Puzzles

Talk about a great conversation starter. For the puzzle-loving people in your life, you can help capture a memory for a lifetime by turning a favorite picture — a holiday family photo, a snap of the family pet, a vacation memory and so much more — into a puzzle that the recipient(s) will no doubt love putting together.

6. Aprons and Mitts

To make them officially look the part, give the chef of the house a personalized apron to show your appreciation for their fine cuisine. You don’t even have to wait for a special occasion. If they’re feeding you good food, show your gratitude with this gift idea anytime.

7. Pillows

Personalized pillows make wonderful gifts during rush week at universities across the nation. Put your favorite “Greek life” photo on a pillow and gift it to your “big sister” or “big brother.”

8. Dopp Kits

When traveling, you’ll no doubt need a large enough and dependable Dopp kit for your toiletries. For that extra special touch, personalize this travel bag with the recipient’s name or initials. You can even match this item with a tote or other mid-size bag for a complete weekend luggage set.

9. Calendars

Twelve months of your best memories — captured on photos — can be added to a calendar and given as a gift. Indeed, what a fantastic way to enjoy the memories of your travels or a significant relationship. This is another gift idea with many possibilities for sharing photo memories.

10. Triangle Chair

Kids love having their own space, and what better way to lay claim than to have a personalized triangle chair for their room. The fabric can also be personalized for any other title or name.

Give a Gift Straight from the Heart

Personalized gifts give extra meaning to gift-giving. Many people hold onto and cherish gifts given to them over the years with extra care and consideration. Whether you received a personalized Dopp kit as a groomsman at your best friend’s wedding or a custom apron to use in the kitchen from your adoring wife, these gifts no doubt bring back fond memories and hold a special place in your heart. And isn’t that one of the most important aspects of giving, to create a memory that lasts a lifetime?