WATCH: Architecture students present Aggieville food-truck court designs


Kansas State third-year architecture students had three weeks to design and construct models for an outdoor food-truck area in Aggieville. The students presented constructions to their professors and peers Monday afternoon.

The event is not new for the class, but is one associate head of architecture R. Todd Gabbard said is an important part of his class.

“Architecture is inherently a sort of public enterprise, and so getting to interact with other people to see how other people are reacting to their work and having to explain their work, it’s a really good reciprocal process,” Gabbard said.

Libby Couture, junior in architecture, incorporated the use of triangles as overhead shades into her design.

“My goal was to integrate the urban setting of Aggieville with the natural landscape of Kansas and use that as a backdrop for a performance to occur,” Couture said.

Levi Newman, junior in architecture, said he used his ears, rather than his eyes, to determine the direction of his project. Part of the project was to visit the potential project area and take notes on the information you gather.

“The first thing I noticed was the noise and cars, everything going around was sort of obnoxious in a way,” Newman said. “So, my first idea was to surround this area, boxing everything in, making it more private than just an exterior parking lot, which it previously was.”

Next for the class is a ten-week project — the Bowman competition — which will be a design for a Wamego firehouse.