Students explore interests through unique courses

(Archive photo by Nicholas Cady | Collegian Media Group)

Kansas State offers a wide range of unique courses, perfect for Wildcats who want to try something new. Whether students are looking to supplement their schedule with major-specific courses or explore other interests through electives, K-State’s catalog has something for everyone.

Higher education can consist of more than equations and dissertations. The university has courses like jewelry design, playwriting, jogging, perfect podcasting and many more.

For musically inclined students, the History of Rock and Roll course offers a comprehensive overview of rock music from the 1950s on. The course emphasizes connections between historical events and the music they inspired. Steven Maxwell, associate professor of tuba and euphonium and chair of the wind and percussion division, oversees the course this semester and said students are eager to interact with the subject matter.

“Some people, of course, are really interested in [the course], and that’s part of the fun too,” Maxwell said. “I get to share generally about rock ‘n’ roll, but then there are certain bands and parts of rock history that students are really into, and having a communication with them about it can be really fun.”

K-State electives give students the chance to explore topics they might not come across in their major requisites. Maxwell said the change of environment and the opportunity to try new things has a positive outcome on student creativity and performance.

“I think [the History of Rock and Roll course] affects them in a great way,” Maxwell said. “It allows them to see the world from many different views.”

Music buffs can alternatively consider related classes at K-State, like History of Country Music, Songwriting or Music as Protest and Propaganda. The university also has a variety of options for those looking to foray into physical endeavors. Megan Kinnane, senior in biomedical engineering, said she found a comforting outlet in taking the aerial hammock fitness class.

“I go straight from my engineering class to this class, and it’s a huge stress relief to go from engineering and math, and concepts that go over my head a lot of the time, to just getting to have fun, play, ask questions and be a person instead of a student,” Kinnane said.

Aside from providing a break from Kinnane’s regular routine and a chance to play with new interests, she said the sense of community she found in non-traditional classes is her favorite part of trying them out.

“The people I’m in class with are all friendly, and we’re there because we want to be there, not because we have to, so it’s a fun, enthusiastic, encouraging atmosphere,” Kinnane said.

Students can search the Catalogs and Courses lists on the K-State academics website to explore unique courses in and outside of their majors.