University Gardens provides study space for students

The Kansas State University Gardens, located at 1500 Denison Avenue in Manhattan. (Cindy Castro | Collegia Media Group)

The Kansas State University Gardens has become one of the major study spots and attractions for K-State students, faculty, staff and local residents.

Over the past year, many places closed because of COVID-19 restrictions. However, University Gardens flourished as one of the places that remained open to the public and community. The gardens also provides a place of enjoyment and luxury, offering a source of learning and educational resources.

Alexandria Wilson, senior in mass communications, has gone to the gardens more this semester than in previous ones and said she enjoys all it has to offer.

“The gardens are a less popular study space than places on campus like Hale and the Union, so it’s an ideal spot when you need some distance from others,” Wilson said. “I also don’t like sitting at a desk for long periods of time so having the ability to visit a less traditional location to work on assignments can help refresh my mind.”

The University Gardens offers more than just a study spot on campus. It holds events throughout the year and is also accessible to anyone at K-State or in the community. Events include weddings, tours and flower sales.

Samantha Weber, junior in Spanish and psychology, said she has come to enjoy the gardens, using it for personal use.

“K-State Gardens make me feel involved in nature while still being on campus, and I get to learn about different types of plants I don’t see every day,” Weber said. “It’s a peaceful place that I can go to, to clear my mind and smell some flowers.”

(Cindy Castro | Collegia Media Group)
(Cindy Castro | Collegia Media Group)

It is a great place to grab coffee and walk around with friends, Wilson said.

“Getting to be outside, especially when enjoyable outdoor weather during the school year can be limited, is always better with friends,” Wilson said.

Ally Boutte, junior in psychology and nutrition and health, said she became fascinated with the gardens this year.

“I was drawn to the garden here because of the wide variety of flowers and plants they have, as well as how beautiful it is there,” Boutte said. “My friend was in from out of town and I wanted to show off how great K-State and the whole Manhattan area is.”

The fountain at the University Gardens is also a popular attraction to K-State students and local residents.

(Cindy Castro | Collegia Media Group)
(Cindy Castro | Collegia Media Group)

Weber said her favorite spot of the gardens was sitting by this beautiful plant-engulfed pergola that contains a bench with a picturesque view of the fountain.

There are many different ways to explore the scenery and blooms of the University Gardens. From Nov. 1-4, the gardens will host a Poinsettia and Amaryllis Sale. More information about the gardens is available on the K-State website.