Parking garage construction continues in Aggieville, set to open spring 2022

Construction continues in Aggieville for the new addition of the McCown-Gordon parking garage. (Cindy Castro | Collegian Media Group)

The McCown-Gordon parking garage in Aggieville continues to stay on schedule ahead of its opening in the spring of 2022.

According to a media update from the city’s Public Information Officer Vivienne Uccello, the five-story parking garage is part of the Aggieville Community Vision initiative.

“[The project] includes a 450-stall parking garage, 8,000 square feet of ground shell floor space for possible commercial use and alley improvements between the parking garage and Rally House,” Uccello said.

The lack of parking, especially on weekends and game days, has been an ongoing issue in Aggieville.

“With the addition of the new parking garage, we’re adding significantly more parking stalls to the Aggieville area,” Engineering Projects Coordinator Ken Hays said.

Madison Newman, Uncorked Inspiration and Elevation Studios employee, said she hopes the parking garage will improve safety and the economy.

“As somebody who’s worked in the bar district for at least five years, I think that it’s really important for employees to have parking, for patrons to have parking,” Newman said. “I do think it was a good investment in the long run towards both personal and overall safety for people.”

Newman said she believes the parking garage will boost Manhattan’s economic status.

Hays said the discussion of whether the parking garage will be free is still ongoing.

“There’s discussions to have it free. There’s also discussions of possibly having it paid.” Hays said. “That’s still in the city manager and the city commission’s hands.”

Josie Pierce, senior in graphic design, said free parking is vital for Aggieville employees.

“I think the parking in the parking garage should be free for employees in Aggieville since there’s time limits for parking,” Pierce said. “Some of us work eight-hour shifts and aren’t able to go move our car, and the closest spot to park is City Park.”

Newman said finding a spot to park is difficult for employees who want to provide parking for their patrons.

“I was literally late this morning because I couldn’t find a spot to park,” Newman said. “We try to have parking for our patrons and our staff, but it’s hard to cater to both when there’s limited spacing.”

Kady Swanson, manager of Acme Local, said the parking garage would provide more access to Aggieville.

“There’s limited parking, but there’s so much to do here in Aggieville,” Swanson said. “Having more spaces will mean more people can come and have fun.”

More information about the parking garage and the Aggieville Community Vision initiative is on the City of Manhattan website.