How to Get Through Foreign Language Classes in College


Foreign language courses in college are often very lucrative. They are fun, interesting and allow you to learn something useful. However, they can be difficult to get through at times. So, to help you out, here are some quick tips on how you can make it through these foreign language courses in college. 

Pay Attention and Participate in Class

The first and most important thing to do while learning a new language is to pay attention in class. Learning a new language is different than learning a new topic from science or mathematics because there is a lot of memorization and knowledge acquisition involved. 

That means not only do you have to understand what it means, but you also need to learn how to use the vocabulary you are being taught. Hence, you must pay attention during class as your instructor goes through the lessons for the day.

Apart from being attentive in class, you also need to participate. Foreign languages require a lot of time before you can fully get a grasp on them. So, the more you practice, the better it will get for you. There is no better way to do so than class hours. In fact, in many colleges, class participation is mandatory for language courses as it is an integral part of the learning process.

Have Group Discussion Sessions

Once outside the classroom, you should not completely stop communicating in the foreign language you are learning. The best way to do so is by holding regular group discussions.

Take Spanish as an example. Assuming you have Spanish class twice a week, you only get about 3 hours of in-class practice per week. So you have to take the initiative of honing your Spanish skills by arranging group sessions with your friends or peers. Together, you guys can practice your pronunciations, help each other out with your Spanish homework and assignments, discuss new words or phrases you learned and so on. 

Building up this practice can help you get through almost all sorts of foreign language courses at college. It will also help you learn the language better. Instead of relying on class hours and lectures, you will be learning the language on your own by getting involved in such group discussions.

Use Online Resources

When at home — like during vacations or off days — where you cannot get in touch with your friends for help with an assignment or homework, what do you do? The simplest solution to this is to go online and hunt for resources to help you out. 

YouTube is undoubtedly the best way to learn a foreign language. You can find native speakers who will help you with pronunciations and writing. There are also videos on how you can remember vocabulary better. 

Going back to the Spanish language class example, you can rest assured you will find a lot of online Spanish tutors on YouTube who use the same materials and resources as your college instructor. That makes things a lot easier for you, as you are learning from the same source material but following two different approaches.  

For Spanish homework help online (or for any other language), you can check out the various online tutoring and homework assistance platforms. These platforms have experienced tutors and expert language professionals who can help you with your homework and assignments. Whether you need to write an essay in Spanish or prepare a presentation, the experts on these platforms can easily help you through them.

Learn More about the Country’s Culture

While learning a foreign language, you should also put in a bit of effort to learn more about that particular country, its people and its culture. This will make you more enthusiastic about learning the language. Once you get to know what that country is like, the history of their language, how people use it, etc., you will feel a connection to the language, which will motivate you to push yourself into learning it properly.

You should also take some time and entertain yourself with movies, TV shows and music from that country or region. All this brings you a bit closer to the culture you are trying to understand. 

There are many other things college kids do to ace their foreign language course in college. However, these are the absolute basics that most of them maintain, and these are good enough to help anyone make it through these courses.