‘Bones Day’ brings newfound motivation to TikTok consumers

(Illustration by Sarah Unruh | Collegian Media Group)

In the past month, talk of Noodle the pug and “bones day” has taken social media by storm. Since late September, Jonathan Graziano started posting videos on TikTok of his 13-year-old pug, Noodle. These videos consisted of him waking the pug in the morning to see if he would stand on his two front legs or not.

According to Graziano, there are two different versions of Noodle’s day: a “bones day” and a “no-bones day.” A “bones day” means it will be a great, productive day, and a “no-bones day” means to take it easy, maybe have a mental health day or a self-care day. The definition of a “bones day” and a “no-bones day” is up to users’ interpretation.

Many people on TikTok have started to take the “bones day” topic very literally and base their whole day solely off Noodle the pug.

Rachel Green, senior in kinesiology and gerontology, shared how she first found out about “bones day.”

“I heard about it about a month ago, and the pug just popped up on my for you page on my TikTok telling me that I was going to have a good day because he stood up,” Green said. “I then started to talk to my roommates and friends about it, and it became a daily conversation.”

Noodle has also gotten a lot of media attention aside from just TikTok. Noodle and Graziano have been featured on The Today Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show and many other popular platforms.

Many people base their days off of Noodle the pug, but not everyone thinks it is that important. Chris Herb, senior in management, said he doesn’t think someone should base their day off whether it’s a “bones day.”

“I don’t think that a TikTok account should dictate anything in your life, let alone whether or not your day should be productive,” Herb said. “Especially based on whether or not a dog uses its legs to stand.”

There are a few other things to help you stay motivated and productive as well throughout your day instead of deciding if it’s a “bones day” or a “no-bones day,” Green said.

“I try to start my day with the same routine every day, like brushing my teeth, getting ready for the day, making coffee and a bagel,” Green said. “This just helps me kick off my day and try not to have any unexpected issues that early in the morning.”

Herb said having a schedule based on routine helps with motivation as well.

“Something that helps me stay motivated is setting goals for the day and then coming up with smaller tasks I know I can complete in order to fulfill the goals set,” Herb said.

To see Noodle the pug in action, Jonathan Graziano’s TikTok is @jongraz. He posts every day with his “daily readings.”