A Weekend at The Hat: Live performances set for Aggieville concert venue

(Photo courtesy of Them Dirty Roses)

The Hat, a concert venue in Aggieville, has two shows set for this coming weekend. On Thursday, Nov. 18, Aaron Watson will play at the venue, with Jenna Paulette opening the show. Then on Friday, Nov. 19, Tanner Usrey will play with Them Dirty Roses. The Hat is expecting a packed weekend of music and fun for everyone.

“I’m really excited to have Aaron, Tanner and Them Dirty Roses: it should be two fun nights of music,” Ryan Platt, a member of The Hat’s management team, said. “We expect big crowds, and we’re really excited to be putting on big shows again.”

(Photo courtesy of Them Dirty Roses)
(Photo courtesy of Them Dirty Roses)

Them Dirty Roses have played with Tanner Usrey before and look forward to joining them again.

“The audience can be ready for a rowdy rock-&-roll show,” members of Them Dirty Roses said in a collective statement. “We’re friends with [Tanner Usrey] and his whole crew, so having him on this bill means the party just got bigger.”

Both bands are excited about a loud, wild audience and are looking forward to playing at The Hat.

(Photo courtesy of Them Dirty Roses)
(Photo courtesy of Them Dirty Roses)

“We played [at The Hat] last semester, and we loved it there,” Usrey said. “I know they get rowdy there. We have some new songs that we’re going to be trying out, and yeah, it’s fun. I’m super excited to be back, especially with Them Dirty Roses, they’re cool.”

Them Dirty Roses wants fans to know they are ready to bring the party to Manhattan.

“The crowd interaction has been amazing, just having a room full of people singing and singing your songs back to you, and they’re excited for you to be there,” Usrey said. “It’s what we love, and it’s why we do it.”

(Photo courtesy of Tanner Usrey)
(Photo courtesy of Tanner Usrey)

Both shows are set to start at 8:30 p.m., with tickets at $20 for Thursday’s show and $12 for Friday’s show.

“We do a lot of music from down in Texas, and a lot of people associate that with country, but there is a heavy rock side to a lot of the shows we’re doing, so there is something for everyone,” Platt said. “It is an awesome atmosphere and a great party. We feel like we’re bringing in some of the best national touring acts that are touring the country, and it’s a great time to get down to Aggieville, enjoy the show and hang out with friends.”

Upcoming shows include Austin Mead on Dec. 4, Pecos and the Rooftops on Feb. 5 and Colby Kooper on March 10.

“Spring of 2022 also has a lot to offer,” Platt said. “It’s going to be all of your favorite regulars — a couple of new acts as well — but it is going to be slam-packed.”

More information about the artists is available through Aaron Watson’s Instagram @aaronwatsonmusic, Them Dirty Roses’ Instagram @themdirtyroses, Tanner Usrey’s Instagram @tusreymusic and Jenna Paulette’s Instagram @jennapaulette.