Campus climate survey beacon for unheard voices


In collaboration with the Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education, professor Michelle Toews and assistant professor Kristin Anders with the department of applied human sciences are conducting a survey regarding interpersonal violence.

The survey covers topics such as sexual harassment, sexual assault and physical abuse.

The purpose of the survey is to examine students’ perceptions of Kansas State and its policies and procedures regarding interpersonal violence. Questions range from asking students to describe their overall feelings toward K-State to having students rate their health.

The survey comes after students protested sexual assault and addressed Title IX at K-State. In an issue of K-State Today following the protest, President Richard Myers encouraged students to participate in the survey.

“I want to be very clear that I personally stand with the survivors and abhor the actions of perpetrators of sexual violence,” Myers said in the issue. “You have my commitment to address the issues of sexual assault and sexual violence on our campuses. While much progress has been made in recent years, we must accelerate our pace.”

The survey takes around 30 to 45 minutes to complete. Students who complete the survey are invited to enter their names into a drawing for one of 500 $25 gift cards.