How Battle Vision Storm Glasses Make Activities Safer


When you spend a lot of time outdoors or exposed to sunlight, it almost feels like common sense to grab a pair of sunglasses. These devices are designed to help you feel more comfortable when you spend any amount of time exposed to the sun, and for the most part, any pair will do the trick. However, not all glasses are the same, and not all can help protect you where and how you need them most. 


BattleVision Storm Reviews show that customers who purchased these specialized glasses were more than just satisfied with their performance. With a durable design, these glasses are specifically engineered to go to the next level when protecting you and to make activities safer. 

Top Ways BattleVision Storm Glasses Protect

More than just a pair of sunglasses, these  are some of the best protection you can purchase for yourself or a loved one who spends any amount of time in the sun! Here are some of the top ways they work to protect you and make activities safer. 

Glare Reduction

First off, the Storm glasses are all fitted with glare-reduction lenses. This feature significantly enhances the amount of light that can travel through your glasses by filtering out harsh glares. This allows you to have great vision when faced with shiny reflective surfaces. 


Not only will you not have to worry about your vision being impaired due to harsh reflections or glares, but this feature also helps to keep you from getting pesky headaches when out in the sun for extended periods. 

UV Protection

Sunlight is essential to maintaining healthy amounts of vitamin D that help the body do all sorts of incredible things; however too much sunlight can be a bad thing. That’s because the sun is constantly emitting UltraViolet rays that can cause tissue damage over time. With built-in UV protection, you won’t have to worry about any potential harm to your eyes when you spend extended time in exposed sunlight. 

Blue Ray Protection

While UV rays can damage tissue, such as eyes and skin, blue light rays can cause problems with clarity of vision. By implementing blue light ray protection, BattleVision Storm glasses actively cancel out blue light and help you see clearly in low light or bad weather conditions. This can be a massive boost to safety when driving at night or in bad weather conditions like rain, snow, or sleet. 


With UV protection and blue light ray blocking qualities, BattleVision Storm Glasses are an excellent option for anyone who spends a lot of time traveling. If you or a family member work in transportation, consider grabbing a pair of these glasses to help create a safer experience while on the road. 

Non-Polarized Lenses

Another great feather of the glasses is that they come with non-polarized lenses. This allows light to pass through them in a more even and balanced amount. This dramatically improves exposure for long periods to sunlight and helps cut down on ambient light that could obscure vision. 


This makes them an excellent option for wearing around the lake or out on the river. With non-polarized lenses, you can look at reflective surfaces with greater ease and not have your vision impaired. So grabbing a pair of these for lake day is an excellent option whether you’re spending your time relaxing or trying to catch some fish!

The Perfect Accessory to a Great Day

No matter what your activity of the day may be, having a pair of BattleVision Storm Glasses not only improves your experience but helps to keep you safe. Whether you are spending all day driving across the country, lounging on the river or out working on the farm, these glasses can add ease and comfort as well as protection to your day.


Not only that, but with their unisex and one-size-fits-most design, BattleVision Storm Glasses make an excellent gift for almost anyone. Using plastic lenses that are not nearly as dangerous as glass lenses and flex hinges for best fit, these glasses should be a go-to for all of your outdoor adventures. 


The best part is that when you purchase one pair of BattleVision Storm Glasses, you automatically get a second pair free. That’s because sometimes you lose your glasses, and that’s okay. So pick a pair of BattleVision Storm Glasses today and see how they can help you!