What is the Purpose of Knee-High Compression Socks? 


If you don’t already know what compression socks are, the chances are you have seen them and didn’t even know it, maybe via the athlete on TV or the runner on the side of the road. They are starting to pop up seemingly everywhere, but what do they even do? And should you get some? 


Read on to learn more about why knee-high compression socks are being used by so many. 


Compression Socks: What Are They?

Compression socks are a type of sock specifically designed to gently apply pressure to your calves. The idea behind them is that using pressure on your calves could improve circulation and comfort as you go throughout your day, making them a comfortable option to provide you with better circulation no matter what you are doing.


What They Do 

The pressure that these socks apply can improve circulation by preventing the capillaries in your legs from letting fluids leak out. Instead, it helps them absorb the liquid, resulting in minor swelling and better circulation throughout the day. 


Most leg-related issues are a result of poor circulation and blood pooling. Compression socks serve to counteract this to prevent any future leg disorders or regarding veins and blood circulation. 


Different Types of Compression Socks

Just like regular socks, compression socks come in various sizes, tightnesses, materials, colors and purposes. The main two types of compression socks are graduated and anti-embolism.


Graduated Compression Socks 

Graduated compression socks are the most commonly used type. They apply more pressure down towards the ankle and less pressure up towards the knee. This encourages blood to flow from the legs back up to the heart to continue the circulation process. Anyone can use these. 


Anti-Embolism Compression Socks

Anti-embolism compression socks serve a much more specific purpose. These are specifically made for patients in hospitals or otherwise who are confined to their beds for medical purposes. Wearing these while lying down for several days allows their blood to circulate and prevents blood clotting from occurring. 


Various Sizes and Materials 

There are two main sizes of compression socks — knee-high and thigh-high — that can come in several different materials. The typical fabrics are moisture-wicking, wool, cotton and nylon, meaning they can replace all of your favorite socks without even having to give up the material you love most. 


Knee-High Compression Socks and Their Benefits 

The term knee-high probably is pretty self-explanatory, but just to say it, this type of compression sock comes up to just below your knees. Covering the entire calf is an important reason these socks work so well for improving blood circulation.


Now that you understand knee-high compression socks and the different ways they are offered, let’s get down to the question at hand. What is their purpose?



First and foremost, they are just as comfortable, if not more comfortable, than all of the socks currently in your drawer. They come in most primary materials that we all know and love. Not only are they made out of great material, but the pressure is also very soothing on the legs. It is gentle pressure that can be somewhat compared to a weighted blanket in the way it provides comfort. 



They are very versatile, which means they are not something that you can only wear around the house because of their many materials. You can get a pair to work out in, lounge around in, go to work in and even go skiing in. They come in warm options, breathable options and everything in between. 


Health Benefits

Lastly, they are great for you. By working to actively reduce swelling and improving the blood circulation between your heart and your legs, you could not only be more comfortable, but you could also feel better accomplishing your daily activities, especially if you are someone who struggles with poor circulation in the first place. The best part is it takes virtually no effort. All you have to do is put on a different pair of socks when you get ready in the morning.



High-knee compression socks are socks specifically made to reduce swelling and promote blood circulation between your heart and your legs. By applying pressure to your calves, these socks provide comfortability and health benefits in a versatile and customizable way. They’re a perfect option for anyone who likes wearing socks.