How to Survive at Work When Going Through a Divorce


Dealing with divorce seems to leave you no time and energy for personal life, work evolution and time for yourself and your family. Still, your task is to find a way to combine divorce and work to make ends meet and cover the expenses of the end-of-marriage period.

When going through a divorce, you might feel devastated and deprived of any enthusiasm to perform well at your workplace. Here are some ideas on how you can adjust your workday to manage your divorce and professional occupation successfully. 

Alert Your Management and HR

Your divorce process will include emotional ups and downs, busy days, hours of negotiations and lack of agreement. It can have a severe impact on the quality of your work. So, it will be easier both for you and your managers if you let them know the real reason for your temporary struggles. Additionally, if you feel you cannot cover the workload, you can ask your manager or HR to decrease it, move to an easier project temporarily or get a consultant or assistant to help you. 

Keep Divorce Issues Away from Work

Divorce-related emails, messages and calls can be a serious distraction from work and switch your concentration to personal issues in the middle of workdays. So, no matter whether you file for divorce in FL online or attend hearings in the local court, you need to separate all the divorce issues from your work tasks. Define a couple of hours a day that you can devote to your marriage termination procedures and deal with them before and after work. 

Find Your Peace Corner

You can be well prepared for your workday and have all the divorce issues under control, but some tiny detail might overwhelm you with emotions and memories. This will spoil your day, make you cry at the workplace, draw unnecessary attention, etc. To avoid this, you have to think about a peaceful corner. A cup of coffee at a distant table at the cafeteria, a walk around the office, ten minutes of silence in your car at the parking lot: have any options at hand when you need to calm down and gather your thoughts to go back to work concentrated and well-organized. 

Know Who To Trust

You should try to keep things private at your workplace to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. If you need a close person to support and understand you during work time and advice on surviving a divorce, choose one or two trustworthy colleagues. If you spill the beans to the wrong person, you could become a topic for office gossip for another week. Not everyone will sympathize and encourage you. So, think twice before disclosing your family troubles at work.  

Have Ready Excuses

You cannot always have your smile plastered when going through a divorce. Your co-workers will notice that you are down, tired and disappointed about something. So, you have to be ready that someone will ask you about the state of things sooner or later. It is better to get equipped with sound excuses so you don’t tell extra details. Answer politely and explain in general words that you have some personal troubles. This will be enough to calm their interest down without giving them reasons for discussing you behind your back. 

Keep Yourself Busy

If you zone out at work, pitying yourself and getting depressed, this means you are not busy enough. Adjust your work timetable so you have no time for emotional outbursts. Still, realize that lots of work will not heal your wounds or solve your personal issues. It will only distract you from those issues for a certain time. 

Use Mood Boosters

Divorce stress and tension often make it difficult to get through the workday and keep up your productivity. That is why it is advised to get armed with mood and energy boosters. Download inspiring music on your iPod and keep your headphones close to plug them when you are down. Keep energy bars, sweets, dried fruits or other treats you like on your work table. Put some posters and inspiring phrases around your workplace. These little details will make your day at work a little more pleasant and simpler to cover. 

Care about Yourself

No method will help you stay well during your divorce work time unless you care about yourself. Sleep well and enough. Stick to a healthy meal plan. Take a walk during lunchtime and do other physical exercises regularly. Commit to your emotional and mental health by practicing yoga, meditation or religion. See a doctor and therapist regularly to get professional help when you really need it.