Your Guide to CBD Muscle Balm


The boom in cannabis legalization has led to a massive surge in high-quality CBD products hitting the market, including some of the most efficacious cannabis topicals this country has seen. However, one of the easiest ways to reap the many benefits of a potent cannabis topical is to get CBD muscle balm


For nearly any cause of muscle pain or soreness, there is a CBD muscle balm that can help soothe those muscles and help the whole body to relax. Many people aren’t familiar with CBD muscle balm, however, so we’re going to do a deep dive to have all the information you need about cannabis-based muscle balm.

What Is CBD?

CBD is the primary cannabinoid present in both CBD flower and industrial or agricultural hemp. It is a cannabinoid like THC, though CBD has no psychoactive or intoxicating properties. This means no matter how large your dose is, you will not feel any effects of being “high.” 


While some CBD extracts may contain THC, in most cases, these products will have a THC content at or below the federal limit of 0.3 percent overall. The exception to this might be found in states with legal cannabis markets, where strains might be cultivated specifically with high levels of CBD but might contain levels of THC many times higher than the agricultural cap.

What Is CBD Muscle Balm?

CBD muscle balm is one of the many types of cannabis-based topical ointments or creams that can be applied to sore muscles or other locations to help reduce pain, soreness and tension. In many cases, the CBD muscle balm will contain additional elements to enhance its function. For example, they might contain heating or cooling ingredients such as camphor oil or menthol compounds to help loosen muscles and reduce pain. 


Often they will also include components for aromatherapy, such as lavender oil or other relaxing agents. The primary ingredient, CBD, helps relieve significant amounts of pain and imparts a calming and soothing effect to its users. This can make them incredibly practical for massages that lead to restful sleep.

How Do You Use CBD Muscle Balm?

While each brand and manufacturer will have specific instructions, they are all used relatively the same. Apply a small amount to your hand — often your fingertips — and gently work that into the affected area. Because of the potential for heat or cold sensations, use only a tiny amount to start and increase as you become comfortable.

What Does Broad-Spectrum Mean?

When CBD is extracted from cannabis plants, whether CBD flower or agricultural hemp, many different organic compounds are present in the resulting concentrate. This initial concentrate is called full-spectrum. It will always contain some THC content, however small. 


In most cases of CBD muscle balm, the THC is entirely removed, leaving what is called a broad-spectrum extract. This means that while there is no THC present, there is a full complement of other cannabinoids and smell and flavor compounds called terpenes. In some cases, this is further refined into CBD isolate, which is generally only used for applications needing very high doses of CBD and only CBD.

Who Should Use CBD Muscle Balm?

CBD muscle balm is excellent for just about anyone. From professional athletes to busy dads and soccer moms, anyone who experiences muscle pain or soreness occasionally can benefit from a massage with CBD muscle balm. Not only does it use a trusted recipe and method for general muscle relief, but it adds the benefits of CBD, which can be numerous and powerful.

How To Find The Right CBD Muscle Balm For Your Needs

If you are trying to find a suitable CBD muscle balm for you, there are a few things to keep in mind before you make a choice. First, be sure you are getting one that applies to your situation. For example, if you only need relief for minor soreness, don’t get one designed to be “extra strength,” or you might find that you have a more powerful balm on your hands than you want.

Your Guide To CBD Muscle Balm

While there are a lot of choices for CBD muscle balm on the market, by keeping in mind how it can benefit you in recovery and comfort and reading this guide, you’ll be in a great position to make an informed decision about using CBD muscle balm. Remember to start small with use because, as with many creams, they can produce incredible effects with only a small application.