Here Is Why 71 Percent of College Students Prefer MacBooks Over Windows PCs


Research suggests that 71 percent of college students in the US would rather have a MacBook than a Windows PC. That might seem weird to many, but when you think about practicality, it is rather quite believable. 

MacBooks are expensive, and there is no doubt about that. A regular MacBook costs twice as much as a high-end Windows computer. Yet, college students opt for Macs over Windows. Why is that? Let us try to find out. 

An Elegant and Easy-to-Carry Design

Apple products are known for their elegant designs. The MacBook is no different. The latest editions to the MacBook family are as slim as ever. The design is beautiful, sleek and feels very comfortable when you hold it in your hands. Apple designed the MacBook to suit the modern generation. It is as if they built the whole thing with a futuristic look. Many things can turn heads, and a MacBook is surely one of them.

The lightweight design is also super easy to carry. The MacBook Pro weighs just under five pounds, and the Air just under three. Its thickness is also something worth talking about. MacBooks are just a little over half an inch in terms of thickness. 

Students will have no trouble carrying these MacBooks around the campus and wherever they go. They can also start working anywhere they like resting the Mac on their laps. You cannot get the same elegance and comfort when using a Windows PC or laptop, no matter which company makes them. 

Easy to Learn and Get the Hang Of

Many think that MacBooks are hard to operate. However, that is never the case. Macs are super easy to operate than Windows. And in case students want to switch, they can easily do it. Also, they can get necessary training online if they want to delve deeper into the Mac OS. 

There is this website that provides Apple training courses to its users. Video tutorials on this site will help you learn how to work on a Mac. Besides, you can also learn how to make the most of an iPhone or any other Apple device. The skills are easy to acquire, especially since the tutors provide clear instructions. 

You can even request one-on-one sessions or assistance when you need them. No matter how old you are, you will get to know everything there is to know about Apple products by doing these courses.

Better Security and Data Protection

One of the main reasons why Windows has a lot of security issues is its popularity. Almost 90 percent of computer users rely on Windows OS. Less than 10 percent use Mac. That means more cybercriminals are trying to break into Windows PCs than MacBooks. 

Besides, Windows is more developer-friendly. Thus, one can easily look into its inner workings. That makes Windows more vulnerable to security threats. Apple does not allow the same for its MacBooks. It has limited the amount of information that developers can learn about by delving deep into the system core. That does make Mac less developer-friendly. However, in the long run, it also makes these computers more secure.

Perfect for Running Fast-Paced Applications

MacBooks are perfect for running fast-paced applications compared to Windows mostly because of their speed and processing powers. Windows computers and operating systems are a lot slower. That is because Microsoft builds these systems with a generic approach. That means they design one platform to handle all sorts of tasks.

Apple does not do that. The MacBooks are fast because Apple equips these computers with state-of-the-art chips and memory power. While everyone can use these MacBooks, Apple does take a generic approach to their MacBooks. 

Thus, the MacBook Pro is ideal for designers and engineers. The Air, on the other hand, is perfect for more regular use. However, you can still run-heavy software on both of these devices since Apple does not mess with their processing capabilities.

Having said all that, one can easily see why MacBooks would be better than Windows PCs for students. They are better not only in terms of design but practicality too. Although a bit pricey, MacBooks are a lot more reliable. Thus, it is easy to see why more than half of all college students in the US would have a MacBook over a Windows device.