Tools to Help Students Build a Website


With the pandemic restrictions yet to be lifted entirely, many students still have a lot of time to try out and learn new skills. Are you also stuck at home and wondering if you could do anything to get the most out of your free time? Why not create a business website? 

Building a website has become an intuitive task to conduct, especially with plenty of free web business tools. These are tools that could help you set up your web design, add texts and images to your platform and get it running in minutes, even without experience. 

If you are a student finding it hard to build a website, here is why you should try using free web creation tools. 

No Knowledge is Required

Unlike many website builders that require extensive coding knowledge, free website builders don’t require any technical know-how. If you can fill out a form and click a button, you’re good to go. Even if you don’t know HTML or CSS, these tools have intuitive point-and-click interfaces that will allow anyone to create an impressive site in just minutes.

Fast results

We live in a world where time is of utmost importance. It’s an age where just good enough isn’t good enough. We want results now and fast. When you choose to build your website with free tools available online, there’s no wait time.

Simply sign up for one or more website-building tools and start creating your site right away. There’s no software to download or hardware to install. You will only use simple browser-based tools that you can access from anywhere. 

Saves Money

In today’s age, every penny counts. Using free tools to build your site will cost you nothing. As a student looking to create a business website, you should focus on cutting costs and increasing profits. The primary way to do that is by cutting unnecessary expenses from their budgets.

Depending on your niche, there is a possibility these tools will help you save money in a big way. You can then use the resources to invest in marketing your site to gain a considerable following. 

Looks Great on Any Device

How many times have you gone to a website, only to be disappointed that it’s not mobile-friendly? With free website building tools like Wix and WordPress, you can create a site that looks great on all devices, including smartphones. The more accessible your content is, the more visitors will engage with your brand. Attracting more traffic is what brings a great online experience.

Excellent Support Systems

Many free website-building tools offer extensive documentation and support systems. If you can’t find answers to your questions in their how-to library, they might have a forum or other community that can help you troubleshoot. In some cases, these might be better resources than those offered by a paid service with only limited support staff. 

You Don’t Need Web Design Skills.

Plenty of free website-building tools offer drag-and-drop functionality. So, you don’t need to have any design skills to create your website. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a place to host your business’ online presence. You can simply create your content in Microsoft Word and put it into a template without worrying about how it will appear on your site. 

Wide Variety of Templates

Templates give you a head start and help speed up development time. Not only are they convenient, but templates also ensure your site’s design looks modern and professional. Having a variety of templates to work with gives you more control over how your website looks. 

Easy Updates

It’s nice to have a site where you can easily update your content. Using these free website-building tools, you’ll be able to add new content, edit old content and more quickly than other options.

Easy to Export

A tool that is easy to export your content makes it convenient for you to move from one website hosting provider to another and, if necessary, transfer your website from one platform to another. So ideally, a free tool would have no limitations on your ability to export your content. 

No Coding Skills Required

When you start building a website, one of your biggest concerns could be learning how to code and the essential basics. Of course, this can be discouraging because it requires many hours of practice to be perfect. Fortunately, that’s not an issue if you use a free web-building tool like Wix. The entire platform is set up for beginners with no coding requirements. 

The Takeaway

Online tools are a great way to build a website without spending money or needing design skills. The best part is that they’re often completely free and user-friendly. So, if you are looking for an easy way to get your content out there, a free web-building tool will help.