Sisters of Sound Record Shop works to spread musical cheer in the community


For people whose favorite musical artists are more like family than certain relatives, Sisters of Sound Record Shop in Manhattan wants to make sure you have a proper reunion for the holidays.

Located in Aggieville, Sisters of Sound is owned by biological sisters Sarah and Leah Cunnick.

“We’re like the sisters you never thought you had,” Sarah Cunnick, co-owner and store manager, said.

For Sarah, the music is what it’s all about.

“I mean, cause a lot of times people are looking for something different, or maybe like, looking for a memory that they had,” Cunnick said. “The music is like a really good time traveling machine where you listen to the music and you’re like, ‘Oh man, I remember that show I went to and it was so great,’ or they want to share that music that they heard while they were in college here with friends.”

Kansas State graduate Eric Gudenkauf started working for the shop back in 2018. He started hanging around the store during his time at K-State, which he said contributed to his future with the shop.

“Sarah kind of has like an adoption process, really,” Gudenkauf said.

A graduate of anthropology, Gudenkauf said he loves seeing the variety of customers in the shop.

“What’s also really neat is since we’re next to like a military base, and we also have a college, we get tons of folks from like, various different facts of life,” Gudenkauf said.

The atmosphere is another key aspect of the shop.

“I think it’s a really nice place — it’s almost like a nice hub where people can meet,” Gudenkauf said. “It’s a safe place for a lot of people.”

The shop puts a lot of emphasis on local musicians.

“A lot of times, we help promote the bands, their recordings,” Cunnick said. “We help sell their vinyls or their CDs.”

According to Cunnick, physical copies come with many upsides compared to streaming platforms, such as the sound quality and the actual profits the bands get from physical sales.

“You’re gonna get more bang for your buck, and so is the band,” Cunnick said. “We can honestly say the band is going to get more out of this.”

My name is Jared Shuff, and I am a former editor-in-chief of the Collegian. Previously, I worked as the arts & culture editor and as a contributing writer for the news desk. I am a senior in secondary education with an emphasis in English/journalism. I grew up in Hutchinson, Kansas, and attended Hutchinson Community College before transferring to K-State in 2020.