Unique Gift Ideas for the Family for The New Year


Many of us have spent the past month frantically putting up our Christmas trees, arranging all our nutcrackers and snow globes, sending out Christmas cards and shopping for the never-ending list of people to get Christmas gifts for.


With the big day sitting around the tree gone and passed, you might now be frantically trying to get gifts for those in your family who you forgot — whether purposely or mistakenly, we won’t tell!


Luckily, it is not too late to do some overdue Christmas shopping. There are some super unique gift ideas you can give to those who will be getting their gifts late. What better way to make up for the delayed exchange than by wowing them with gifts they did not see coming!


From homeware gifts to customized pieces that are one of a kind, we have rounded up the best unique gift ideas for all the members of your family who might have been forgotten on Christmas Day.


Chemical Free Cookware Sets

We are all more conscious than ever about what we put in our bodies and expose ourselves to. With home cooking becoming one of the new trendy things to do at home this year, why not surprise that family member with chemical-free premium cookware? You can choose from a range of colors, from cream to holiday red. It will come with literally every piece of cookware they will need. In addition, they will get a dutch oven, a sauté pan, a saucepan, a frying pan and storage that allows them to stack and access their cabinets easily. This gift not only will enable them to cook up all the delicious recipes of their dreams in 2022 but may even snag you an invite to one of their next dinner parties.


 A Comfortable Bean Bag Bed

You may remember this one from Shark Tank, where the founders pitched their elevated version of a bean bag, enlarging it to become a bean bag chair bed. It has become the most coveted item in everyone’s home thanks to its appearance on Good Morning America, The View, Extreme Makeover and HGTV! Coming with a lifetime guarantee, these bean bags are designed to provide comfort forever. Your family member who is lucky enough to receive this will love that they can lounge on this to read a book, snuggle up on it during a movie marathon or even take a daytime siesta on Sunday afternoons.


A Custom Made Blanket

Now we are not just talking about any custom-made blanket. We are talking about a customized blanket for your family member’s pet! Now, everyone needs customized blankets for your pets, and this gift is aimed to remind everyone why. Not only can you implant the beloved family pet’s head onto various scenes, such as the royal family, but it will act as a forever keepsake that can also start to be passed on throughout the family for decades to come. The blanket is made of quality soft fleece that will have the lucky recipient wanting to be wrapped up in this all day long. With a hand-designed pet portrait proudly printed on the blanket itself, they will be getting all sorts of warm and fuzzy feels. This is truly a one-of-a-kind gift that cannot be replicated and will melt pet owners’ hearts everywhere. First, you have to go online, choose from one of 150 costumes and scenes, upload the pet photo and purchase. Then, the rest is done for you, making this last-minute gift a simple way to wow them.


A Collection of Nostalgic Music

We all love a good throwback. So why not give someone in your family a nostalgic gift that lets them re-live their favorite music from their carefree concert-going days as a teenager. The perfect collection of nostalgic music from collections of vinyl records that have all the greatest bee-gee songs to Britney Spears and N*Sync albums will get their teeny-bopper hearts throbbing again out there for any member of the family. The biggest perk of all is that this gift could spark an impromptu dance party and give you a whole new range of musical memories that will last you a lifetime.


A Good Smelling Candle

A scented candle is a gift you can never go wrong with for any family member. From collections that come with sparkling delights mixed into the wax to lavish scents that celebrate the winter season, you can find the perfect scent to match that specific family member you are shopping for. You can also get a larger collection of fragrances in a min-collection, giving them more aromas to burn their way through. With scents like canopy, daybed and chandelier, we will not be surprised if you end up stashing some extra for yourself. The best part of these candles is that they come free of any toxins and are hand-poured individually, making these truly unique candles sustainable to boot!


A Framed Family Photo

No matter how much drama or stress your family might cause, family is forever. So why not give your family member a gift that truly celebrates this? A custom illustrated family print is something that is not unique but easier than you may think to order. All you have to do is communicate your family’s skin tones, hair colors and any pets you want to be included in the image. You will even get to see proof from the digital artist before it is finalized, printed, framed and sent. Then, your family member can proudly hang it on their wall and will be head over heels in love with such a thoughtful gift — excusing you entirely for the delay in gifting it!


A Gift Basket

Sometimes, you really cannot go wrong with a customized gift basket. Fill the basket with all your family member’s favorite things. From fruit to cheese, wine and chocolate, you will win them over and give them some immediate cravings as soon as they open this up. When in doubt, know you really can not go wrong with a gift basket as everyone loves all of life’s goodness.


Don’t stress if you still have last-minute Christmas shopping for your family. These gift ideas are really just the beginning as to what you can get them to not only wow them, but also make them feel extra special. From premium cookware sets and delicious, smelling candles to vintage music and a customized blanket or photo, you will be able to give the ultimate unique gift that completely excuses your tardiness.


The holiday season goes well into the new year, so there is no better time than now to find and order your unique gifts for the family than right now.