How to Spend Less on Cartridges for Brother Printers


Brother is known for its durable printers, but it also follows the same pricing logic as Canon or HP. Original toner is expensive. At the same time, the online marketplace is packed with cheaper alternatives from independent brands. Follow our tips to make impressive savings every time.

Suppose your printer belongs to the HL series. The original two-cartridge pack from Brother is sold for around $150. Meanwhile, the Smart Ink store offers two Brother tn760 compatible cartridges with a similar value for $41.99. If you can save around $100 a purchase, imagine what your annual savings could be like.

Compatible vs. Original Cartridges

When the price difference is so high, one might wonder if these cheaper products are any good. The industry of affordable supplies has grown a lot in recent years, and the quality is often similar to the OEM toner. Here are the key things to know:

  • Compatible cartridges are produced by companies that are not affiliated with printer manufacturers. 
  • As producers do not have such massive R&D expenses as printer giants, they offer lower prices. 
  • These products — although they mimic the look and performance of the OEM toner — are still regarded as original because of small differences in design.
  • High quality of compatible ink is guaranteed by compliance with such international standards as ISO, CE, and Reach.
  • Products from well-established stores will be instantly recognized by your Brother printer.
  • You can save even more by purchasing XL-size products.

What About Remanufactured Cartridges?

This second affordable category includes refilled, aka remanufactured, cartridges. These are original products that are cleaned, filled with fresh toner and thoroughly tested to make sure they work like new. Providers also replace any components if necessary.

As cartridge shells are recycled, this option is also the most eco-friendly. It reduces the amount of plastic and electronic waste. Now, it is not necessary to take your old product to a refilling station — just order a cartridge with certified quality online.

Note that DIY refilling is dangerous, as this procedure must be performed by qualified professionals. Too many things can go wrong when you replace your old toner. 

How to Maximize Benefits When Shopping for Toner Cartridges

Choose stores with an extended warranty. For example, Smart Ink has a two-year money-back guarantee on all products. Do not hunt for bargains alone — look for an optimal combination of benefits:

  • Quality certified in accordance with international standards like ISO
  • Guaranteed recognition
  • Testing of all products before shipping
  • Free shipping
  • Reliable multi-layer packaging
  • Eco-friendly practices

Some stores also provide discounts if you purchase two or more items. If shipping is also free, you will save even more. Do some research on websites like Trustpilot to find a store worth trusting. Popular brands have hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.