New Year’s Resolutions inspire students to start 2022 strong

(Archive photo | Collegian Media Group)

As 2022 begins, students are given opportunities to build new habits and seek new experiences. Whether it’s something physical like a new hobby or something mental like an improved mindset, the start of a new year is an opportunity to integrate something fresh into your life.

Maya Sprague, junior in fashion studies, said she plans to branch out into new communities this semester.

“I really want to meet people outside of my normal social circles so that I can diversify my relationships,” Sprague said. “I’ve made some great friends here, and I’m ready to meet more.”

Being consistent with even small resolutions can add meaning to everyday life. However, this is often easier said than done. Sprague said being organized and self-disciplined can make keeping up with goals more doable.

“I keep a planner, which helps me visualize my habits,” Sprague said. “That way, smaller goals don’t slip through the cracks. Plus, it’s super satisfying to cross things off and look back at all I accomplished over the year.”

With some pandemic restrictions re-strengthening, certain resolutions might be off of the table. While this might not be the year to backpack through Europe or make it to that music festival you’ve been eyeing, there are still plenty of ways to pack it with intention.

Jonn Frey, junior in animal science and industry, said he plans for 2022 to be a year of personal growth.

“My new year’s resolution is to feel more connected with myself from a spiritual standpoint so that I can understand what I want,” Frey said. “I plan to focus on my career and not worry about smaller, unimportant things that don’t benefit me.”

For many, 2021 was a challenge of epic proportions. While very abnormal circumstances continued, normal responsibilities began to demand attention again. Through organized efforts to stay on track, Frey said he wants to improve on some of this past year’s shortcomings.

“I always plan out my day beforehand,” Frey said. “I remind myself at the start of every day that this year I have to focus on myself because last year wasn’t really good in that way.”

Whatever your resolutions for the next year are, staying intentional and consistent with them might make 2022 the best yet — maybe turning this year’s unprecedented events into better ones.