The Best Patriotic Gifts for 2022


Whether it’s a birthday, holiday or just because, finding the right gift for someone who wears their American pride on their sleeve can be a daunting task. 


There are tons of options, but some are better than others. If you’ve found your way here, you’re probably looking for a bit of help. Keep on reading, and we’ll give a few of our favorite ideas that will be perfect for your patriotic friends and family!


A Pre-Assembled American Flag Porch Set 


One of the very best patriotic gifts you can give someone is an American Flag. Being proud of the greatest country in the world is something that we all should share and let our friends and neighbors know.


There are lots of ways you can show your American pride daily, but none is better than flying old glory out in front of your home for all to see.


A pre-assembled American Flag kit has everything one would need to get her on the house, including a sturdy pole, a mountable flag holder and the star-spangled banner all included. With minimum set-up, it’s a gift that is sure to wow your beloved patriot. 


Patriotic Shirts and Hats


Whether it’s Memorial Day, the 4th of July or just another backyard barbecue, nothing shows your patriotism off quite like a shirt or hat depicting your love for our country.


Try and think of something personal to show that you thought about the person you’re giving the gift to. For example, if they’ve served, try to find a shirt or hat that highlights the military branch they were in. You could even get something custom-made to show their specific unit or name.


Celebrating a patriotic holiday is a lot more fun when you can dress for the occasion. A holiday-themed shirt for one of our American holidays is a fun and proud way to show off your gratitude for the country we all know and love and those that gave all to protect it. 


A Flag for their Boat


If there’s one thing that most America-loving friends and family love almost as much as their country, it’s probably their boat. So why not combine their love for the seas and country by gifting them a flag they can fly high and proud while they are on the water?


It’s hard to find something more awesome than a big American Flag flying in the wind as a boat sails down the lake, river or sea. Of course, everyone will know that the captain of that vessel is a true patriot, and it’s sure to start a few conversations when they make port. 


Most boat flags easily attach to the vessel with a standard fishing rod holder and are simple to install. It’s an excellent gift for the captain of any seaworthy ship or boat. 


A New Flag for their Flagpole


Perhaps you’ve noticed that old glory on your loved one’s pole has seen better days. It’s no secret that the elements will get to any flag over years of flying high and proud in the wind and weather. 


A new flag might be just the ticket you’re looking for. Try looking for one that will last for a long time, like a hand-stitched and crafted American Flag made with premium fabrics and stitching.


It’s always an emotional moment to retire an old American Flag, but when you’ve got a brand new bright one to take its place, it makes that solemn moment quite a bit easier. 


Think Outside of the Box


Sometimes the best gifts aren’t tangible at all. Instead, they can be small (or large) gestures of kindness and gratitude. 


Donating on behalf of those that served to one of the many organizations that serve our veterans is just one of the small gestures that will be met with a large amount of gratitude.


Taking a loved one or friend to a historical monument like the 9/11 Memorial in New York or the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Virginia are just a couple of examples of trips you can take that will be sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. 


Closing Thoughts


Getting the perfect gift for your patriotic friends and family shouldn’t be something that causes stress. With just a couple of these ideas, you can turn any occasion into one that stands out in a long list of patriotic memories.