Where to Find Rare Navy Service Ribbons Online  


Whether you are an active military member, a retired veteran, a family member of a service member or just a military enthusiast, we can all agree that dedicating your life to the United States Navy is one of the most honorable things people can do.


The United States Navy has been around pretty much since the country’s birth, formally being established in 1775. Since then, they have been involved in some of the most impressive and important military operations worldwide.


Many former Presidents have served in the Navy themselves, many having served in World War II. However, it is not just Presidents that have served in the Navy. Chances are, your grandfather, mother, brother or even neighbor has been enlisted at one point or another.


There is no better way to honor one of your loved ones than finding some of the navy service ribbons that might have significant meaning to that individual. But where to even start when trying to get one of these ribbons?


Well, the truth is, you do not have to look that far. You can likely find the rarest ribbons online and be able to order and have shipped within a matter of minutes.


So, to help you on your quest to find some of the rarest Navy service ribbons online, we have rounded up some of the best ones to search for and the special meaning behind them.


  • National Defense Service Ribbon

This unique and rare ribbon was created because of an executive order in 1953 and was first used to honor those who served in the Korean War. However, this has held a legacy where other Navy service members can receive it for services in Vietnam, Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. This ribbon can be awarded to any service member in any branch, seeing they have served and defended the country honorably.  


  • Vietnam Service Ribbon

Those that serve in this war for at least 30 days straight between 1965-1973 in the countries of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand have been awarded this ribbon. The design of this ribbon is so that when it is worn on a uniform, the bronze and silver stars are worn with it. While this war is long gone, thankfully, many retired veterans risked their lives in combat and deserved this ribbon.


  • Combat Action Ribbon

While there are many service members in the Navy, not all see combat, but they will be given the combat action ribbon for those who do. It was designed in 1969 and meant for any service member who came under enemy fire and still performed to Naval standards. This ribbon can go to a captain or colonel and even junior members. Submission of proof must be given from the commanding officer to be awarded this ribbon.


  • Navy Seas Service Deployment Ribbon

This rare ribbon was created for those members in the Navy who were deployed out to sea for at least 90 days or two 80-day deployments within the same 12-month period. The purpose of this ribbon is to honor those who spent a large portion of their time out at sea on sea duty or with a Fleet Marine Force.


  • World War II Victory Ribbon

The second World War was a long and hard-fought battle. This ribbon was instituted in 1945 for any service member that played a role in that victory. It was authorized through an Act of Congress and awarded to anyone who served between 1941-1946. Not only did members of the Navy receive this ribbon, but those in other military branches did as well. For those who want to purchase, the proper proof is required to be officially awarded to yourself or the veteran you are purchasing in honor of.  


  • Navy E Ribbon

This ribbon is all about skill. It was instituted in 1976 and given to Navy servicemembers who won various efficiency competitions. The ribbon is designed to go with a collection of other ribbons that can be earned during service.


These six navy ribbons are just a few of the rare ones that can still be found and purchased online today. For most ribbons, some form of proof will be needed to ensure that the ribbon is purchased for a veteran or active member who served honorably. Nevertheless, they make for great gifts and additions to commemorative shadow boxes.