Considering Trying Hempvana? Here is What You Need to Know


Are you thinking about joining the millions of people who have had their lives impacted by the robust health and wellness products from Hempvana? The Hempvana Reviews don’t lie. Hempvana is the leading brand of hemp-enhanced products to help further your health and wellness goals. 


But what is Hempvana, what makes their products unique and why should you care about introducing them into your life?

Hemp Enhanced Wellness Journey 

Hempvana believes that every person has a unique one-of-a-kind journey regarding health and wellness. Because of that, they have created products that anyone can use at any stage in their health journey. 


This can look like an athlete training for their next competition or someone in retirement looking for clean, organic ways of alleviating arthritic pain. Hempvana has a vast catalog of products designed to meet you where you are at and enhance your health and wellness journey. 

What Makes Hempvana Products so Special?

One of the most critical aspects of Hempvana is its commitment to using organic, natural hemp seed oil to help enhance its products. This is one of the cornerstones of what makes their products so effective, and they are the leading company in the United States for hemp-enhanced tools. 


Because they combine the powerful health benefits of hemp seed oil with products like their signature Hempvana pain cream and cramp relief foam, they can create a more powerful soothing experience. With products that range from the Rocket Relief Pen — made to target specific muscular tension — all the way to posture-enhancing braces, Hempvana has a wide variety of valuable products that can help you. 

What’s the Deal With Hemp Seed Oil? 

Hemp seed oil is growing in popularity as more and more people understand that it houses important and impactful health benefits. A close cousin to marijuana, it’s a common misconception to think that they are similar because they share in the same cannabis family. 


If you wondered if something like Hempvana’s Pain Relief cream would have psychedelic effects like other Cannabis products, you wouldn’t be alone. The growing popularity of hemp seed oil means that more and more people are discovering that while hemp is closely related to marijuana, it has specific vital differences that make it a safe, over-the-counter option for pain relief and wellness. 


Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seed of hemp plants that are commonly used for industrial purposes. Unlike its cousin, marijuana, hemp plants are primarily used to create fabrics, ropes or even paper. The most important significance is that hemp seed oil houses specific soothing effects that can calm inflamed and aggravated areas. However, it has no THC. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is responsible for any psychedelic effects that cannabis plants may have. Since hemp seed oil has no appreciable amounts of THC, its products are safe to use.  


This means that Hempvana products can have all the incredible, soothing, natural health benefits of hemp seed oil without any of the controversial or detrimental effects of THC. 

Hempvana Pain Relief Cream – 2 Pack

One of Hempvana’s signature products, this pain relief cream is a topical solution that uses trolamine salicylate to help target pain from inflammation and tissue damage and bring relief. Part of the same family of NSAIDS as aspirin, this cream uses 10 percent trolamine salicylate, which is the maximum amount legally allowed to have fast-acting pain relief. 


The benefit of this topical cream is that it also uses hemp seed oil. This locks in moisture and absorbs quickly through the skin and into the problem area. While other NSAID options such as oral medications can work to target the whole body, this topical cream immediately targets the problem area it’s applied to and works quickly to relieve pain.


You can use Hempvana’s pain relief cream for acute injuries like muscle soreness after a hard day at the gym or sprain and strain, or you can use it for more chronic issues like arthritis. Coming in two four-ounce canisters, this potent, fast-acting cream is perfect for throwing in your car, backpack, or purse and taking with you on the go. Apply it up to four times a day as needed and experience the incredible benefits of this organic, safe pain relief.


Be sure to check out all of Hempvana’s impressive catalog of products that can help to relieve pain or enhance your wellness journey today!