Discover the Best Way to Take Probiotics


We are always on the hunt for new ways to enhance our overall well-being.


There are lots of tips that the experts will tell you. This includes drinking lots of water, eating colorful fruits and vegetables and staying away from processed foods as much as possible. But there is also a new nutritional tip that has recently been added to this list — probiotics.


Probiotics have been found to help keep our guts healthy and limit the risk of disease. In addition, these microorganisms are being found to act as a positive form of bacteria that ensures health and wellness internally is optimized.


Even more exciting are the recent studies showing various probiotics can actually help with health issues such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even depression. This is because probiotics are essentially able to help create balance within the body and get it back to functioning the way it should be.


This also means, though, that consultation with your doctor or health professional is key to ensuring that you are taking the right type of probiotics for your unique wellness goals.


So what are the various ways in which you can actually take probiotics? And what are the factors for each to consider? To help you start your journey towards incorporating probiotics into your daily lifestyle, we have rounded up all the various ways to take probiotics and the specific benefits you can gain from each.

Ways to Take Probiotics


  1. Fermented Drinks

Studies are showing that fermented beverages such as tepache have a healthy level of probiotics within. This means that drinking the refreshing Mexican classic can actually help your intestines remain balanced if you drink it before eating. That, and the combination of high amounts of vitamin C, make fermented drinks like tepache or kombucha all the trendier and accessible to anyone.


  1. Probiotic Yogurts

There is a reason that many nutritionists and doctors recommend certain people incorporate yogurts rich with probiotics into their diet. Not only is yogurt easy to eat for both a morning meal or afternoon snack, but it has probiotics mixed within that can get straight to work on your gut.


  1. Lots of Cheese

While you should always eat anything with a level of moderation, many different types of fermented cheeses also have probiotics (similar to fermented drinks). These cheeses tend to include cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese and gouda. So the next time you indulge in a cheese board, know that you are equally getting some much-needed probiotics into your belly too.


  1. Fermented Vegetables

While not all vegetables have probiotics, such as raw vegetables, those that tend to be fermented have lots. The most common and delicious fermented vegetables are miso, sauerkraut and pickles. These fermented vegetables typically come in a jar and are pre-fermented for you, so all you have to do is eat and enjoy.


  1. Probiotic Supplements

There are also numerous probiotic supplements that you can order and take every day. While it is usually best to get your probiotics through food or beverages that have naturally created the probiotics, sometimes dietary or lifestyle restrictions prevent that from being an option for people. So, in this case, it is recommended to chat with a nutritionist or doctor about the types of probiotic supplements that might be right for you. Then you simply take the supplement in the line-up of the other daily vitamins and supplements you take each morning.


  1. Probiotic Powders

If you’re not for pilling, there are also probiotic powders that can be mixed into your meals. They’re similar to a protein powder, so consult with a nutritionist or doctor to make sure you’re getting the correct dose.



While more research is being done to understand the power of probiotics fully, the early studies have given those in the health industry a lot of hope. The early studies have seen people feel better, eat better and even sleep better, with some even no longer experiencing symptoms to their various medical issues.


So while probiotics come in many different forms, it is up to you and your health professional to decide what form is best for you. Whether you get your daily dose of probiotics through a fermented drink or lots of cheese, know there is a way for you to enhance your wellbeing by simply changing your diet!