Understanding Niacin and its Benefits


There seems to always be a new and emerging vitamin or mineral that has the health and wellness industry all excited. When niacin became the third vitamin B to be discovered in the 1940s, the industry recognized the potential it promised.


Back in those days, early studies indicated that niacin showed positive results in helping to alleviate the pain that people felt from arthritis. But what they also discovered is that niacin has a fascinating characteristic, where a small dosage of it can make you feel “flushed.”


But this is a result of how niacin works, and the process allows you to reap the many benefits it provides.


Understanding Niacin

When taking niacin, many people experience a “flushed” feeling because the vitamin gets the blood vessels to open up near the skin. This causes that hot and sometimes tingling sensation that makes the skin look red and feel warm. In many cases, this only happens when people are just starting to increase their dosage.


Niacin is not a stand-alone vitamin as part of the vitamin B family. It best performs when it is taken with the other vitamin Bs. It is all about moderation and ensuring that this vitamin is working in harmony with the rest of the vitamins and minerals your body is absorbing.


Just as is the case with any other vitamin or mineral, you should talk to your doctor or nutritionist first about determining the best dosage for you and your personal health goals.


Benefits of Niacin

There are many reasons to consider enhancing the amount of niacin your body gets — mainly because the niacin benefits can improve your overall well-being. Here are just a few of the benefits you could experience.


  1. Alleviates Arthritis Symptoms

As was first noticed when niacin was discovered, it has shown great results with lessening the symptoms experienced with arthritis. When the blood vessels become dilated or open up, they flush the skin and open the deeper vessels located around joins. When this happens, your joints will feel a much-needed relief, and the aches and pains will be alleviated.


  1. Lowers Cholesterol

Another benefit of niacin is that it is shown to help lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. This is because your blood sugar will improve, thus benefiting and protecting your arterial walls. When your blood vessels open up, the circulation of oxygen through your blood vessels will significantly enhance as well. Many doctors use niacin to help those with various heart conditions and are seeing encouraging results with their recovery.


  1. Enhances Memory 

Another benefit that is linked to niacin is the improvement of memory. Some researchers have found that niacin can help treat those experiencing schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s or depression. This is because niacin can strengthen the structures that transport information to your various brain cells and keep your neurons alive, wired and functioning.


  1. Helps with Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important ways to stay healthy, yet many struggle with getting enough of it consistently. However, studies have found that niacin helps with the brain’s memory and calms the receptors of the brain, so it is easier to drift off to sleep. As a result, many people take niacin close to the bed to drift off and get their seven to eight hours of sleep with ease.


  1. Improves Skin Quality

Because niacin opens up blood vessels close to the skin, it can help with many skin issues. This ranges from your skin’s ability to absorb vitamin D from sunlight to minimizing acne outbreaks. So while you want to ensure that you are not constantly feeling “flushed” when taking your niacin supplement, the sensation lets you know that the blood vessels are doing what they are supposed to.


  1. Lowers Risk of Motion Sickness

Some studies also find that niacin can also help people super sensitive to enduring motion sickness. Experts suggest taking a niacin supplement before a car ride or traveling on an airplane.



While niacin supplements should first be discussed with health experts who understand your personal health history, the vitamin has provided a wide range of benefits to many people. It helps them live a healthier and happier life.