Stuck Borrowing Your Boyfriend’s Old Boxers? Get a Pair Made Just for Women!


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to walk around in your underwear without feeling like you’re scandalizing your roommates? Fed up with underwear that gets stuck up your butt? Are your boyfriend’s comfy boxers just a bit too spacious? Well, boy, do I have something to share with you. Finally, boxers made to feel comfortable, designed with the female form in mind. 


The new line of boxers for women has everyone wanting to give back their boyfriend’s baggy old boxers and trade-in for an upgrade! Culprit Underwear, an eco-friendly, California-based company, has launched its best line to date. Unlike regular boxers, LadyBoxers offer the coverage and comfort of traditional boxers. Still, they’re better suited for all of your curves or lack thereof.


For ladies, theydies and anyone in-between, LadyBoxers has all the flexibility of a boxer, with the mindfulness and wear of an actual quality product. 



Self-described as “the perfect pairing of luxury and comfort, just like putting caviar on a hotdog,” LadyBoxers can be worn not only as undies around the house, but they are great for working out or running errands too. So yeah, they can be worn out of the house, and your booty is going to look amazing while you do it. 


LadyBoxers easily find the right fit mainly because Culprit Underwear’s Sizing Guide has its OWN TAB on its main drop-down menu. Truly revolutionary compared to most online shopping sites, needing a thousand clicks before you can find a very generic or confusing sizing chart. On their sizing page, they even have their section for how LadyBoxers, specifically, are sized. You’ll need your waist and inseam inches, if you’d like to be specific, or just knowing dress size works, if you, like me, have no idea about the former and do not own a measuring tape. 


If you’re in-between sizes, they recommend a size up for a roomier, comfier feel and a size down for a snugger, closer fit. 


Culprit Underwear also has a “Guarantee to Fit!” policy. Meaning if they don’t fit how you like, they’ll exchange for a new pair at NO cost to you. Please and thank you! I never know how anything I buy online will ever fit for sure. This allows me to, at least, know I won’t have to pay to ship and return taxes in case I think I need a different size.



As we begin to step back into the world again, the biggest fear is having to dress up and put on bras and panties again. However, in the undergarment world of 2022, comfort, durability and aesthetics focus on our demands. And LadyBoxers delivers. 


Culprit’s iconic waistband adorns the top of every boxer short, a cute take on a classic branding tactic. However, on these mid-to-high waisted undies, the band moves with you, and it feels like you’re wearing nothing. 


Solid Colors

For a more neutral pair of boxers that go with everything, LadyBoxers have various colors, some with their unique fabric. While Incognito Mode features an all-black fabric and banding, the Pink Ribbed offers not only a beautiful blush but also a texture choice unique to only this color! Between Midnight, Pink Lemonade, Caribbean, Goldmember and even Redrum, LadyBoxers gives you so many options of cute colors that can be paired well with almost any bra or bralette.


Lilac and Commando (a stunning olive green) are my faves. The two are so flattering but give my underwear choice an elevated look.



If you’re looking for more adventurous or funny patterns, they have quite an eccentric collection! From cute Giraffe or Cow print to marvelous scenes of raptors giving the metal concert of their dreams (featured in Raptor Nights) to Jurassic Western (yes, that would be scenes of cowboys riding dinosaurs), the more you stare at the patterns, the more unique artwork you find displayed. 


The bright, and sometimes even neon, colors used in these elaborate designs have LadyBoxers standing in a category on its own. Maybe only rivaled by MeUndies, but MeUndies doesn’t even come close to the level of art displayed here right on your bottom. 


The Company 

Culprit Underwear is a proud American-made company based out of California. One of its main goals in forming the company is to be an eco-friendly, ethical organization. And what, I ask you, could be sexier than that? 


Culprit’s focus on ethics and sustainability has not kept them from taking themselves too seriously. They feel like your cool older brother who actually cares about the environment. Putting your money into an ethical company focused on sustainable quality products sounds like the right move. 


Each pair of LadyBoxers is $28. However, if you enter the subscription program (that is entirely free and you cancel anytime), you get 25 percent off each pair you buy. Any order above $50 will also get you free shipping with it. Once you buy just one pair and feel how soft they are, you’re going to want a complete overhaul of your underwear drawer. 


Their “Try Risk-Free for 100 days” campaign speaks volumes of their belief in this product. The “Returns” drop-down menu is also straightforward to find. This company is not trying to trick any money out of you. Instead, their consumer-forward methodology is a breath of fresh air. Their website is easy to navigate, and information is nothing to hunt for. 


LadyBoxers embody the feminine urge of style and fit with the masculine desire to feel like you’re not wearing underwear at all. But watch out, your boyfriend might start stealing your boxers.