7 Vital Things to Consider Before Cosigning a Loan


It does not matter how close you are to the person asking you to cosign a loan. Before you sign the dotted line, here are some things to consider. There are many things involved in signing a loan, and here are some things you should know about loans with a cosigner.

  • Why Someone Would Ask You to Cosign


There are various reasons why someone would ask you to cosign their loan, but one common reason is that they have poor credit scores. Poor credit scores come about when people fail to make payments on time or have a one-time event that costs their credit score. If it is their first time borrowing, it means they do not have a credit history, so they might also need a cosigner. According to Ascent, “Applying for a private student loan typically requires that you meet certain credit score and income requirements. But, as a student, you may not qualify for a loan in your own name or for the amount you need to cover all your expenses. That’s the time to consider applying for loans with a cosigner who takes on the obligation to make payments in case you fall into financial hardship.”

  • Do You Know This Person?


Loans are a huge commercial commitment. If you do not know this person well or, at the bare least, their financial situation, you might want to research and read the fine line before placing your signature up there. Even if they are family, take your time to think about it before you make the decision to go ahead.

  • What They Will Use the Money For


People have different needs, and for some, without the right financial literature or in the middle of splurging, the money could literally be going down the drain. What if they want to buy a new car when they already have a functional one or attend a party they could easily miss?

  • Do They Know What They Are Signing Up For?


Some people do not understand the concept of debt, and if you get yourself mixed up in it, you might end up regretting it. Instead, talk with them about what they want and decide whether the strategy is worth it.

  • The Effect It Has on Your Credit Score


One of the major things you should know is that cosigning the loan might affect your credit score. When you cosign on a loan, it means that both of them would appear on both of your credit reports.

  • You Might End Up Paying the Loan


When they are late for the repayment, you will be required to pay it for them. When making loan payments, the borrower will be required to finish up on their repayments, and if they don’t, that sum is coming out of your paycheck. This means you might end up burdened by the loan as well. If you would be uncomfortable or unable to pay the loan, do not cosign it.

  • And That’s Not the End of It


In the chance the borrower defaults on paying their loan, your credit score could be severely affected. As a loan cosigner, any defaults on a loan affect both you and the borrower. This is why you should really think through before signing off to just anyone. If you do not know them personally, they might bolt and leave you paying off or with a ruined credit score.