Five Ways You Can Help Protect Wilderness This Year


It is not enough to appreciate or enjoy nature: we are responsible for protecting wilderness this year. There is a myriad of ways that you can effectively protect wildlife. However, doing so is essential because we only have one planet, and the animals that call this earth home are worth protecting. 


Everyone should make it a vital part of their 2022 mission to protect wilderness this year. There are five simple steps you can take to ensure animals are safe and not poached, and that wilderness is intact for many future generations to enjoy as we have. 


Think about what the barriers are to protecting wilderness. People who litter are undoubtedly a barrier to taking care of wilderness. However, there are other barriers to safeguarding the wilderness and wildlife on this planet. One of the most significant reasons animals and wilderness die is that incredibly selfish hunters poach them. Because animals offer valuable assets such as fur or ivory, these animals often lose their lives so that people can enjoy and indulge in their material goods. This is simply unacceptable. A tremendous part of protecting wilderness and keeping it safe is ensuring that animals are not poached by irresponsible individuals who have no sense of what is right. 


Today, we’re going to hone in on poaching. We will share some educational resources regarding how preventing poaching could help you in your mission to protect the wilderness this year. 


First, we will discuss what poaching is, why safeguarding wilderness is the most important thing that we can do as humans on earth and even five easy-to-manage steps that you can take to protect wild animals this year. This earth is big, which means that it needs all of us to step up to the plate and preserve its wilderness and the animals that call it home. Are you ready to get started? Then, let’s begin to learn more. 


What Is Poaching? 

Poaching can happen in several different ways. There are a lot of various activities that qualify as poaching. In addition to the activity itself, how the animal is killed can also impact whether or not it is technically considered poaching. When hunters poach, they are violating laws. Not only local laws, keep in mind. There are federal and international laws that safeguard animals at risk of getting poached. 


Some activities considered poaching include murdering animals while out of season, using a weapon that is prohibited, hunters doing so without a license or in another prohibited way. However, there are other ways that hunters can poach, too. For instance, if they slaughter an animal while they are in the process of trespassing, kill a protected animal species or even exceed the bag limit, this all counts as poaching. 


Why Is Safeguarding Wilderness So Important? 

Hunters want the goods that animals can provide them for many reasons. Sometimes they want the furs or ivories to construct something out of them, as they are precious and rare. In other cases, they want a trophy from poaching. Either way, it is unacceptable to poach animals. 


Safeguarding wildlife from poaching is vital because it ensures that biodiversity does not struggle because of an animal getting poached and ultimately going extinct because of that. In addition to this, poaching is the number one reason animals go extinct. Therefore, stopping poaching can guard animals against going extinct. This is important because we only have one opportunity to protect different animals. If they go extinct, unfortunately, they will not make a comeback. 


What Are Five Ways You Can Help Protect Wild Animals This Year? 

There are ways that we can protect wild animals this year. However, it will take all of our efforts to make the impact necessary to protect animals and wilderness. So here are some of our favorite ways that you can protect wild animals and wilderness this year. And remember: just when the year is over does not mean your commitment is! 


#1: Volunteer your time with an organization that makes it their mission to help protect animals 

If you live in an area with animals that need to be protected, you could volunteer. Find an organization that believes that wilderness protection is as essential as you do, and get started. 


#2: Through financial means — donate to organizations that are passionate about protecting wilderness 

If you can donate money to an organization whose mission is to protect wildlife and wilderness, then you can choose to do so. This is an impactful way to help protect animals. 


#3: Educate the people around you about wilderness protection 

Some people around you might not know as much as you do about wilderness protection. Now that you have a better understanding of what’s going on, it’s your job to teach them. 


#4: Raise money for wilderness protection 

If you know of an organization doing outstanding work in this space, you can create a fundraiser and raise money for the wilderness protection organization.


#5: Reach out to public figures about wilderness protection 

Government figures need to know that their constituents care about wilderness protection. Make sure that you vote with this in mind.