What You Should Know about Living in St. Albert


St. Albert is a great little town just a few minutes outside Edmonton. Offering everything from beautiful views to a long history that more people are getting to know, this town is an awesome place to live for anyone interested in it.


These are the most important reasons to consider moving out here!

The Safest City in Alberta

Multiple studies of the province’s crime rates have found that St. Albert is the safest city in all of Alberta. This has boosted the value of St. Albert real estate and allows people to feel more comfortable spending time in their neighborhoods at night and getting to foster a sense of community. Living here means you can sleep easy knowing you’re safe.

Gorgeous Winters and Warm and Lucious Summers

The seasons in St. Albert are the same as any across Alberta: which means longer winters and beautiful springs and summers. The first freeze can be as early as the tail end of September and doesn’t let up until almost May. This long-frozen portion of the year just makes the summer and spring that much sweeter since the area literally comes to life in these seasons.

Fantastic Jobs

St. Albert has an astonishing number of jobs in communication and manufacturing that ensure you’ll be able to find work the moment you want it. With a generally low unemployment rate and a highly-skilled labor force, this can become a competitive market at times. To push yourself further to stand out, getting a further education can help you earn a higher income or even a more elevated position depending on the company. 

Short Drive to Edmonton

If you’re nervous about St. Albert being too small and having nothing to do, there’s no need to fear! This tiny town is less than twenty minutes from Edmonton, which means you can enjoy all of the perks of the city without having to deal with the higher property costs, worse traffic and noise in your daily life than most cities come with. This is the perfect mix of small-town and city living that anyone would enjoy. Of course, if you ever want to move into Edmonton, it’s just a short drive away!

Committed to Understanding its Past

Although this is considered the minimum to some people, it’s a progressive step forward that most cities in Alberta aren’t doing yet. St. Albert is committed to recognizing that it’s a city built on Treaty 6 territory, the traditional lands of First Nations and Metis people. Identifying the indigenous people of this land ensures that the city doesn’t gloss over its past and instead does everything it can to continue educating and advocating for these people — something that’s become an even more important conversation in Canada in recent years.


Albert Can Be An Amazing Place to Live

Regardless of why this city calls to you, there are endless reasons to move to St. Albert. From its beautiful views to its long and incredible history, you’re going to fall in love the moment you arrive.