Xofigo Treatment for Prostate Cancer: Efficacy and Cost of Treatment


Prostate oncology is one of the most common diseases worldwide. In the top medical centers in the world, attention is paid to the timely diagnosis making and effective management of the disease. Every year, new sparing treatment techniques for advanced prostate cancer are introduced into clinical practice. Therefore, with a timely seeking of medical help, a favorable outcome for patients with the pathology is achievable.

How much does the treatment with Xofigo cost?

Thousands of people worldwide travel abroad for the treatment of prostate cancer. The foreign clinics give people a chance to receive affordable, high-quality medical care.

The cost of Xofigo treatment for prostate cancer abroad consists of medical services, accommodation, visas and airfare. The price level depends both on the price policy of the clinic itself and on the country where it is located.

The most expensive treatment abroad is in the USA. At the same time, the prices in Austria and Switzerland are similar to American ones. However, in the rest of Europe, particularly in Germany, treatment is far more affordable, with most prices for therapy with Xofigo being in the range of 22,000-23,000 EUR.

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More about treatment for prostate cancer with Xofigo

So, what does treatment with Xofigo imply?

The Xofigo medication, based on Radium-223 dichloride, is a targeted drug for metastatic bone lesions. It destroys focal lesions with alpha radiation. The thing is that, in many cases, prostate cancer spreads to bones, creating metastatic bone lesions that are very hard to get rid of.

Because of their properties, alpha particles in Xofigo concentrate in such metastases and release high energy. In addition, there is less damage to bone marrow around metastases, making the patient experience fewer side effects. This therapy is considered more efficient for metastatic lesions compared to gamma or beta radiation, and here’s why.

Alpha radiation has an entirely different mechanism of action compared to the drugs previously given to patients (hormonal or chemotherapy drugs). Patients with single bone lesions that underwent therapy with Xofigo had a significantly lower rate of metastases spreading. In patients with numerous metastatic bone lesions, the remission was considerably longer (for more than six months). In addition, Xofigo therapy proved to be the safest therapeutic option. The side effects were less pronounced. Besides, Xofigo therapy is characterized by a low incidence of bone marrow suppression.

Therapy with Xofigo is a promising breakthrough in treating patients with advanced prostate cancer with bone metastases. Xofigo has the most negligible side effects compared to other medications. Therefore, it can be administered to many patients who could not previously receive standard therapy because of their health condition.

Undergoing treatment with Xofigo during a lockdown

It is challenging to navigate the world of medical tourism on your own, even more so during the pandemic with lockdown restrictions. Deciding to undergo treatment abroad, a person searching for information about clinics and countries, visa requirements and prices can get confused very easily. How does one medical center differ from another? Where is it better to treat prostate cancer? How, after all, to organize a trip during a lockdown if you don’t even know the foreign language?

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