Aggieville bars, RCPD prepare for Fake Patty’s Day

Citizens from Manhattan and surrounding areas come to Aggieville to celebrate Fake Patty's Day with their family and friends on March 10, 2018. (Archive photo by Alex Shaw | Collegian Media Group)

The day that many college students look forward to all year is among us — Fake Patty’s Day. In preparation for the unofficial Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, Aggieville and participating bars are taking precautions.

“We plan on having extra patrol in Aggieville and just around town,” Aaron Wintermote, public information officer, said. “The last couple years have not been the sheer number of people as it has been previous years, but if there are large parties around town, we plan on making contact with them and making sure that things don’t get out of hand. It is tough for us because Fake Patty’s Day does focus on binge drinking and that is something we never can promote, so the best way to stay safe is to not really participate in binge drinking as it can lead to a variety of other safety concerns.”

Though Riley County Police Department doesn’t encourage the day, they said they will be out protecting the town of Manhattan and keeping its citizens safe. Bars participating in the town-wide event are also taking precautions.

“[Goolsby’s] will be open 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. and we will be doing ‘green beer’ with food coloring,” George Cartwright, sales and marketing manager at Goolsby’s, said. “We will have security and will be wrist-banding all customers over the age of 21.”

Employees of participating bars in Aggieville working the Fake Patty’s Day rush are also preparing for a bigger crowd by selling wristbands.

“It’s the best holiday of the year,” Gable Howerton, bartender at 785, said. “We are selling wristbands to be able to enter, and you must be 21 and up. They are $10 if you pay in person and $7 if you download the ‘LineLeap‘ app on your phone that we have partnered with. But if you wait until March 5th, they are $20, so don’t be the last to buy.”

Many participating bars will have specials specifically for the Fake Patty’s celebration. Howerton said 785 will have rolling specials all day: every hour having a new deal.

“We will have a pounder special for an hour, then a Truly, then a well and then a bomb [special]. The times are undetermined,” Howerton said. “[We will also have] three Kansas City DJs.”

Students who have already purchased the wristbands for the day have nothing to worry about and are very excited about the festivities.

“I am really excited for the whole day,” Dane Pedersen, graduate student in business administration, said. “I would [recommend] buying wristbands ahead of time because they will up the prices the day of. I bought a wristband because it’s the last Fakes with all my friends before they graduate, so we want to be able to go to the bars.”

With preparations in effect by bars selling wristbands and RCPD scheduling extra patrol through town, remember to enjoy the “holiday” and everything participating bars have to offer. However, don’t push your luck this Fake Patty’s — stay safe and responsible.