What are the types of guards?


If you want to reliably protect your own business, person or property from internal and external threats, then first you need to choose between the types of security guards. There are several classifications of protection based on the following criteria: the very concept of “object,” directions and methods of protection, technical equipment, etc. 

Classification of security guards for hire

Firstly, security is distinguished by the type of entrusted object, which might be:

  • Stationary (buildings, structures)
  • Mobile (valuable goods)
  • Informational (confidential data)
  • Individual (group of persons)


This classification is relevant and is used everywhere. However, if we are talking about other types of security guards, the division according to the methods of ensuring security is applicable here, including:

  • Stationary security posts (on-site) — internal, external, open (street), closed (indoors)
  • Mobile patrols — on foot or using bicycles, motorcycles and/or vehicles
  • Alarm response teams
  • Personal security
  • K9 service — with the use of guard dogs
  • Social distancing security


When protecting objects of increased complexity, as a rule, both stationary and mobile security units are involved. Rapid response groups are used to quickly eliminate sources of danger and neutralize criminals. Cynologists with dogs are often involved in the protection of large areas that are physically impossible to cover with stationary and mobile posts. In this case, trained dogs are an indispensable tool for detecting and detaining intruders. Hire security guards for your needs today!


Technical equipment of security guards

Depending on the type of object, there are different technical equipment for security guards for hire. Professional staff are armed with:

  • Firearms
  • Pneumatic or traumatic weapons 


Also, guards often have various special equipment at their disposal:

  • Armored ammunition
  • Rubber sticks
  • Handcuffs, etc. 


The security service might be issued with additional means of radio communication, warning, patrolling and inspection of the territory, including binoculars and lanterns. At a number of sites, unarmed guards are involved.

Optimal protective measures can only be selected by qualified specialists. Many factors are taken into account: the facility layout, the specifics of the activity, technical equipment, security requirements, etc. Each security measure has a certain labor intensity, which directly affects the cost of services offered by the private security company. To hire security guards, calculate your budget for the goals you need. In most cases, we are talking about a reasonable balance of technical and physical means of protection.


Why hire security guards?

Competent organization of security measures in the entrusted territory is a guarantee of the effective functioning of companies and control of the safety of personnel, customers, visitors and other persons. Regardless of the purpose of the object, whether it is a commercial office, a production facility or a food warehouse, it needs protection and security guards for hire. Of course, the security of a store or supermarket will be different from the security systems at a construction site or a chemical plant, but safety issues should not be ignored.

It is recommended to entrust the development of the object protection concept to experienced specialists of private security companies, who will conduct a detailed analysis of the entrusted building or structure, identify its weaknesses and, on this information base, choose the best types of security guards for your needs.