Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelves


The standard for cabinets or wall shelves in the kitchen was wood, which was highly impractical. They quickly swelled from working conditions in the kitchen, the material quickly broke down and did not hold the entire weight load. Because of the rotting of the tree, the fixture was spoiled, for which the boxes were hung and everything had to be changed. They were replaced by stainless steel shelving for the restaurant, which serves for a long time in work and will make you forget about replacing parts for a long time. 

It is also important that no major repairs are required since the material has a neutral gray color and fits into any kitchen design. The fastening comes from the internal profile, and it allows you to move and hang the shelf in absolutely any place. Wall-mounted metal shelving without a doubt complies with all sanitary standards of public catering, as the surface is quickly washed with a wet rag.

What are the advantages of a stainless steel wall shelf?


While the assembly of such restaurant equipment is similar to its predecessors (wooden racks), it differs in the basis of manufacture (stainless steel). You can fit it right above the desktop to leave more space on it for cooking. The advantages of restaurant shelving from stainless steel are:

  • Quickly cleaned with a minimum set of detergents and a wet rag.
  • Water, odors and moisture are not absorbed.
  • Not subject to corrosion.
  • Available weight load on the shelves from 50 kilograms.
  • The chemical compositions of detergents are not absorbed, which is why the reaction does not occur.
  • Fasteners and racks, made of stainless steel, will serve the customer for a long time.

You can also place a separate stainless steel wall shelf for waiters with spices, cutlery, napkins and toothpicks. It is convenient for cooks to fill the rack with more cooking utensils, products that do not need to be hidden in the refrigerator and cutlery.


What types of stainless steel wall shelving are there?


The selection of stainless steel restaurant shelving must be approached wisely. To do this, you need to understand how the shelf will be used, determine the height, width and depth of the shelves in the rack. You also need to consider what type of rack you need and its practicality. 

  • Closed, with glass doors and illumination from the inside. You can also put a shelf for plates.
  • Open. The racks are not closed by anything and are installed as auxiliary shelves above the table. Used for ease of quickly taking the right equipment or product for cooking, or place the plates to dry after washing.
  • Wall-mounted metal shelving with assembled mechanisms. They are easily space-optimized as they can be manually assembled and disassembled as needed. To do this, kerchiefs are fixed, and there are also side panels.

Standard shelving restaurant equipment consists of surfaces with a rectangular shape, with or without the specified sides. The width of the shelves starts from 40 centimeters and can be expanded at the request of the customer.