How Can a Student Earn Money Online?


Are you a student? Do you know some of the best money-making apps? As a student, you might be caught up in a financial crisis. Buying books, paying for classes and catering for your transport and other essentials can be hectic. How about spreading your wings and reaching for an alternative way of earning extra cash? The internet is taking over various aspects of life, and it can be a tremendous money-making tool. Students can make money online through apps, websites or social media platforms. Here are the different ways a student can make money online.

Start a YouTube Channel

Besides being a popular way to connect with your friends, one can go the extra mile of earning money through YouTube. Create videos on your mobile phones and upload them to the platform. When people subscribe and like your videos, you get paid. Great minds like Bhuvan Ban and Carry Minati began their YouTube career back in their school days. Through their many followers’ different brands approached them to advertise for them, and that’s how they started to earn. If you believe you can create good content that will earn you viewers, then you are on the right path of earning online. YouTube pays the content creators based on the number of adverts displayed in their videos.


Blogging entails penning down your thoughts about different topics. When starting a blog, ensure that you are ready to spend time on it. Start by finding the best niche to blog about. Next, find a domain name for your blog and get the best hosting provider. Finally, set up your blog. Blogging is not only for those who are good at writing. Practice, and you will make a perfect blogger. SEO lets your blog be visible to the users that search the content you write. You can also earn money from blogging through the advertisements linked to your page.

Online Surveys

Companies need constant information about the consumers of their products or services to know how to improve and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Some companies offer payments to encourage people to sign up for the surveys. Online surveys are good since you spend less time working and earning. Students earn from $0.1 to 1$ from completing such surveys. Though not all surveys are genuine, you can always give them a try.

Graphic Designer

If you are great with online editing skills, Adobe applications such as Photoshop graphic designing are the best ways to earn money online. Companies and individuals want beautiful digital art to use on their websites, brochures or social media profiles. As a result, the need for graphic designers is currently thriving. Any interested student can earn from clients who want graphical design services from money-making apps, such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Buy and Selling of Domains Online.

Nowadays, everyone is trying to find a presence online. Social media handles, business websites, and personal websites should be unique. Therefore, buying and selling domain addresses has become one of the best and most genuine online jobs. It is an easy way for students to earn money online. First, register yourself with websites like GoDaddy and scroll through the various existing domain names. Then, buy the most common ones. Many people have purchased domain names for less than 1000 rupees and sold them to third parties for up to 10,000 rupees.

Become an Online Tutor

If you are great at academies, you can earn money online by tutoring other students. Many people search for answers to their assignments online. You can help such people by answering them through platforms like Chegg. Get yourself started by registering and taking a subject test and a guidelines test. Finally, upload your document for verification. You earn money by charging students whenever they access your tutorials as a tutor.

Freelance writing

Freelancing is flexible and among the easiest way to make money. You can work from anywhere and anyone, regardless of the time. So sign up to sites such as Upwork and Fiverr and get started. Though a freelancer’s income is irregular, it is a course worth taking.

Being a Social Media Manager

If you like spending many hours a week on social media, you can also earn money from it. Nearly every business uses social media, and most of them need help managing their pages. You can apply to become a contracted social media manager to assist the company build brand awareness by curating content and building relationships with prospective customers. Reach out to businesses, such as coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants. Concentrate on social media platforms you’re most comfortable with and talk about how you can use them to grow your business.


Being a student is a critical phase in everyone’s life. Working online is an excellent option if you need to make extra cash. It helps you get busy, knows the value of hard-earned money, and builds confidence by getting a job while still studying. Break that “broke college student” stereotype by trying the above-listed online jobs. Start blogging, open a YouTube channel or become an online tutor, and you will not regret it.