How to Take Salt Nic Vape Juice?


If you have heard about nicotine vapes, you might have heard about freebase vape juice. However, salt nic vape juice is the variety most people don’t know. These slightly stronger vape juices are unique and got popular recently.

Nicotine salts have a higher intensity — so they might not be the ideal choice for every user. However, users who like such intensity love the products. So let’s move on to the usage and things you must know about vaping nic salts.

What Are Nic Salts?

Freebase nicotine is the purest form of nicotine available on the market. It has high intensity, so people can use only small amounts. You might be familiar with freebase nicotine present in most vaping liquids.

However, nicotine salts are essentially a mixture of nicotine with benzoic acid. Since the nicotine is a base, the acid neutralizes it, and together, they become salt. In this process, the feel of the nicotine improves and becomes smoother when inhaled.

Look at it this way — freebase nicotine is often present in tobacco. On the other hand, you can find nicotine salts in cigarettes. So nic salts are the closest you can feel to the same experience you get with cigarettes. Hence, people transitioning from cigarettes often opt for it because of its familiarity.


What Are the Benefits of Nic Salt Vapes?

If you’re torn between the two products, looking at nic salt benefits might clear your doubts. Keep in mind that everyone has different requirements when it comes to vaping. So the benefits of vaping you are looking for might not be the same as another person who vapes.

Remember that both salts and freebase nicotine have their merits, and none is superior to the other. We have compiled some of the best benefits of vaping nic salts to help you decide if they’re ideal for you:


More Affordable Than Cigarettes

Yes, you heard it right — vaping nic salts are far more affordable than cigarettes. While cigarettes are more widely available in the market, nic salt vape juices are the economical choice for the long run.

If you calculate the cost of cigarettes and vape juice daily, you can see that the latter will be lower. You would only need to buy more vape juice with nic salt vapes. Plus, you would have to buy cigarettes again and again.


Smoother Feel After Vaping

Many nic salt vapers enjoy the experience of nic salts as compared to freebase nicotine. Freebase nicotine might be overpowering and rougher to some people. But while using nic salts, you would feel the difference.

Nic salts get neutralized with the help of an acid, which might affect the feel. Hence, their effects also change to give a smooth and neat hit. And as a bonus, these vapes don’t create lots of vapor.


Higher Intensity

The effects and experience of vaping nic salts are closer to cigarettes. Hence, you can get an intense hit without much effort from such a vaping device. While some people might love this intensity, some people prefer stable products.

Nicotine salts would be better if you like more intense hits and higher concentrations. But with this intensity also comes a risk of addiction, so keep that in mind while using.


Storage Friendly/ Longer Shelf Life

Another benefit of nic salt vaping liquids is that they last longer than other products. Nic salts are not prone to oxidation, and their shelf life is far longer than other vape products.

Since these products have a longer shelf life, they can help you save more money. You can buy nic salt liquids in larger quantities without worrying about their color changing. Buying larger quantities will help you save extra bucks on your vaping supplies.


Less Vapor, More Effects

Nic salt e-liquids have a different composition from the e-liquid base. Because of this unique composition, you do not get dramatic vapor clouds like other products. It is perfect for people who want the effects of nicotine rather than vape clouds.

If you want more intense hits, nicotine salts would be better. Some people prefer to have less vapor to keep a low profile, so nic salts prevail again. But even though the produced vapor clouds are less, its effects are intense.


What Products and Methods to Choose?

The vaping process for nic salts is similar, but the products and methods differ from regular nicotine. You can get familiarized with these products and usage methods to make your experience memorable.

We have compiled a few general tips to follow while choosing products or vaping nicotine salts. Here are some general tips for nic salt users, especially those new to it:


  • Go for a low-wattage vape tank or pod for nicotine salts. You would have seen many high-wattage pods with regular nicotine, but nicotine salts differ here. Vaping nicotine salts at high temperatures is not ideal. On the contrary, it might even be severely harmful to your health. So always opt for low-wattage devices if you want to vape nicotine salts.


  • Try to find a trusted brand for buying your nic salt vape juice and devices. Many companies produce vape pods with low wattages to suit nic salt vape juices. Try to opt for products from such a brand to ensure quality. Also, refer to the customer review for an unbiased evaluation of the products and their quality.


  • Choose between open or closed system products according to your preference. Open system devices are ones that you can manually refill using e-liquid refill packs. Closed system ones rely on cartridges, and you can swap them out. Both these options have their own merits, and you can choose either.



You must have heard about vaping freebase nicotine and nic salts. And if you’re new to nicotine vaping, you might wonder which one is superior. Nic salt vaping has its merits — even though it comes down to personal preference.

It is why information about nic salt and its uses is essential. If you feel like they are the right product for you, you can start using them. So you can read everything you need to know about vaping nic salts in our article.