The Ultimate Tips For Flying United Airlines


United Airlines is one of the major airlines in the world, and many people will choose them at one point or another for travel. Here are a few tips on flying with United Airlines so you can have the best possible and most comfortable pre-flight and in-flight experience.

Entertainment Is A Priority 

One of the tips from LoveTravelMag to bear in mind before boarding a United Airlines plane is to check the in-flight entertainment beforehand. Enter the date you’re flying and your flight number on their webpage and check what they will have playing. If you don’t want to watch any of their available movies, you can always download some episodes on a tablet for during the flight. Keeping yourself entertained might not seem important, but it becomes vital for long-haul flights. Not to mention United Airlines has its own app you can watch movies on!

Trace The Route

Once you are on your flight, the United Airlines official plane magazine is always available that also has a route map for you to see where the plane is headed, the regions covered by United Airlines and where they plan to expand in the future. It can be fun to visualize your journey during the flight.

Eat To Live 

Food options are a tricky caveat in every flight regardless of the airline you are using. If you have special needs or specific health concerns, pack food and snacks according to that. If you are super sensitive to flying or have a history of getting motion sickness, make sure you have your medications with you, and remember — flying on an empty stomach can induce nausea too! Eating something can settle nerves as well as your stomach so try to be stocked on that front.

The Types Of Economy Available

United Airlines offers two types of economy seat tickets. One is called “basic economy,” and the other is the standard economy or simply “economy.” Most people that choose United Airlines might be confused about what the two seats offer, but it is worthwhile to do a preliminary consideration of United economy vs. basic economy, so you are getting the best value for your money.

Basic economy on United typically has less of a baggage allowance. You also might not be able to pack all your stuff in carry-on luggage as space in the overhead bin will be extremely limited. You might not be able to choose the seat you want with basic economy, and there might be an issue with personal items such as travel pillows.

Luggage Tracker And Airport Maps

Flying with United comes with several perks, such as pre-arranged airport maps so you are all set if you have a layover at an airport you’ve never seen before. You can also track the location of your luggage through their app so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your luggage was loaded, and there are fewer chances of it getting lost, which can put a real damper on your trip.