Ultimate Guide To Buying An AR-15 Lower Receiver Online


There is nothing more exciting for a gun enthusiast than customizing their rifles. AR-15 is one of the famous and easy-to-customize firearms in the market. It is designed to be taken apart and then reassembled in various ways according to its owner’s needs. This is why AR-15 lower receivers are a massive hit with gun enthusiasts. This rifle section holds the trigger, firing pin, magazine, hammer and bolt. When sold independently, it’s not considered a firearm: however, certain modifications will classify it as a weapon. If you want to buy the accessory online, the following guideline will help you.

  1. Trusted Dealer

You will be surprised to see a lot of amateurs selling AR-15 lower receivers online. There are some genuinely excellent receivers there, but most are not worth buying. Therefore, choose a trusted dealer who offers extra protection for the components under any conditions. An AR-15 lower receiver from 80percentarms.com offers a flared magwell and integrated trigger guard optimized for heavy winter gloves. These dealers can also help you get a license if your state requires it. Buying from a trusted and verified dealer will also provide some aftersales services, if necessary.

  1. Types

Usually, the lower receivers are made from anodized aluminum, but their appearances have subtle differences. Similarly, there are different lower modifications for various bullet calibers. An AR-15 usually shoots 5.56mm bullets: however, it can also shoot 7.62mm or AK caliber bullets. For 5.56mm, the lower is called a “multi” and is designed only to fire the said bullet caliber. If you want a 7.62mm one, look for sharp angles in front of the mag well. This is the only difference that separates a multi-lower receiver from a 7.62mm one. Apart from bullet caliber, you can also choose different colors of a lower receiver instead of a black one giving you more options for customization.

  1. Build Kit

Some online sellers fail to include build kits, making it difficult for an amateur to use a lower receiver. These kits are detailed in every aspect, from screw sizes to drilling points. Therefore, not receiving such a kit will make the job a bit tricky. These kits are also particular in how you want to build your rifle. The kits are customized according to your desired barrel size and bullet caliber. You need a milling tool to drill the holes in inaccurate points to ensure gun safety and prevent damage.

  1. Local Laws

In many states, lower receivers are not considered weapons by the bureau of alcohol, firearms and tobacco (ATF). However, if they are converted into a working firearm, you might need to apply for a license. Additionally, some states in the U.S. consider lower receiver as a proper weapon and require licensing to own it. Therefore, when looking to buy AR-15 lowers from any online dealer, make sure your state allows it. Otherwise, you will be subjected to fines and punishment.

AR-15 lower receiver is fun to play with as it offers a lot of customization for your rifle. Don’t take a chance and always follow the above guidelines when buying AR-15 lower receivers online.

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