3 Jobs to Try if You Like Being the Center of Attention


Some people like to avoid the spotlight, but some live for being the center of attention. If you are in the latter category, you probably seek every opportunity that allows you to shine. You might even feel frustrated if you are not able to enjoy the spotlight when it feels appropriate.


What if you can spend the majority of your waking hours in the spotlight if that is what your goal is? Instead of sneaking in small opportunities for attention, what if your main objective on any given day was to take center stage? If that sounds amazing, consider choosing a career that gives you that benefit. If you enjoy being the center of attention, consider the following jobs:

Performer or Public Speaker

This seems like an obvious option, but there is so much variety in this career path that there is something to suit everyone. If you enjoy taking the spotlight on stage, consider a career in acting. You could act in plays, TV shows or movies. If you are talented musically, consider making a show of it or joining a band.


There are also other options for those who like to perform. If you have a good stand-up routine, offer your services the next time a friend is looking to hire a comedian for a party or event. This broad career option also includes magicians, dancers and even professional athletes who use their skills to perform on the field.


If your skills are in the area of public speaking, consider a career as a motivational speaker. If you are more interested in the journalistic aspect, consider broadcast journalism or being a news anchor. There are many options for everyone if you are hoping to showcase your talents or speaking skills in a career.


This is another career that lets you put your public speaking skills to good use. From campaign speeches to debates, politicians use their oratory abilities quite often. Being a politician can be a challenge, but this career path is certainly one for someone who enjoys the spotlight and is passionate about their values.


If you are interested in political science or have a background in it, and you love to be in the spotlight, being a politician may be for you. You will be able to enjoy the spotlight from the minute you announce your first campaign.


If you enjoy the spotlight but would like to focus on academics, consider a career as a teacher or professor. Teachers “perform” in front of their students every day on the stage that is the front of their classroom.


Teaching also has the added bonus of providing a subject-area option for whatever you are interested in. If you love math, literature, computers, sociology or any other subject area, there is a teaching job for you, whether in an elementary school, high school or college.


As you can see, there is a wide variety of options for careers for those who enjoy the spotlight. Think about what other goals you would like to accomplish in your career path and whether being a performer, politician or teacher would help you achieve those goals.