Manhappenin’ Magazine celebrates ‘Yesterday’ in Spring 2022 edition

Manhappenin' Magazine staff members Ally Eichman (left) and Maddie Fankhauser (right) at the magazine release party for the Fall 2021 edition, "Dreamscape." (Photo courtesy of Lexi Garcia | Collegian Media Group)

Dig your best vintage attire out of the closet and come celebrate the release of the Spring 2022 edition of Manhappenin’ Magazine at Yard Bar in Aggieville from 7 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, April 14, 2022.

This edition’s theme is an ode to everything vintage and will take readers back through the decades.

Lexi Garcia, senior in journalism and editor-in-chief for Manhappenin’ Magazine, said every semester, the staff picks a word to represent the upcoming edition.

“This semester, we chose the word ‘Yesterday.’ It’s a very broad term, but we cover the decades from the 70s through the 2000s,” Garcia said.

The Manhappenin’ Magazine team aimed to make this edition reflect more equality among males and females.

“This semester, our main focus was to try to make it as gender-neutral as possible,” Garcia said. “So, we did our best to have an even amount of male content and female content. We also were really wanting a male as a front cover and were able to do that.”

Drinks are available for purchase for people of age, and only people over the age of 21 can stay at the venue past 9 p.m. Until then, however, anyone can attend.

While attendance has declined since the onset of COVID-19, the Manhappenin’ staff still expects a great turnout.

“Since COVID, the crowd has gotten smaller, but as it lessens and the semesters go by, the crowd gets bigger and bigger,” Garcia said.

The release party has come a long way even over the past few years since Garcia started working for the publication.

“When I first started on the team, we really only had a DJ and just like the showcasing of the magazine in a way,” Garcia said. “As the semesters have gone by, we started having different things like vendors and sponsors, and this is our first semester having live music, so that’s super exciting.”

Aside from the exciting new addition of live music, Yard Bar will be decked out with a photo backdrop inspired by the vintage theme. Anyone who wants to go is encouraged to dress up in their best vintage attire.

The Manhappenin’ Magazine staff hopes people are as excited to celebrate the new edition as it is, even if you just want to stop by and hang out with friends.

“Our goal for throwing the release party is really more to celebrate all the hard work the team has done, but also being able to showcase it to the community and the students and just showing what Manhattan and K-state are about,” Garcia said. “We hope everyone likes it just as much as we do.”

The latest edition of Manhappenin’ Magazine will be available on the magazine’s website, or you can grab a physical copy in person at the release party.

Hey! I’m Maddie Daniel and I am a junior in mass communications. This semester, I'm the assistant culture editor and have previously served as a staff writer. After I graduate, I plan to go to law school to pursue a career in Federal Indian Law. I love art, history and anything outdoors.