Cultivate Your Own Wellness Routine With These Helpful Tips


It’s 2022, a year we all want to be a good one after the trials we’ve faced in 2020 and 2021. As we’re now firmly situated in the new year and entering into a new season, it’s a great time to do some personal reflection to assess how your health and wellness are doing. 2022 can be a great year for you no matter the circumstances you face with just a few simple changes to your routine and mindset.


When you start to take care of yourself by prioritizing your wellness, you’ll find that essentially every area of your life sees positive growth. These changes don’t need to take much time or effort, as even small steps make a huge difference.


And we all know that habits help keep us consistent in our goals and self-care. To form beneficial habits, it’s time to cultivate your personalized wellness routine. Let’s go through a great place to start: a wheel of wellness. The areas in your wellness wheel will show you the aspects of your health you should be intentional about prioritizing.


Map Out a Wellness Wheel


If you’ve never heard of a wellness wheel before, you can think of it as a type of pie chart personally adapted to the areas of your life. You get to fill in your own blanks of what those key aspects are for you. Choose your wheel’s dimensions based on your understanding that if any of these areas were to get pushed to the wayside, you wouldn’t be living your optimal life.


A recommended guideline for your wellness wheel includes the key dimensions of financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and social wellness. Each of these factors plays a significant role in keeping you balanced, healthy and relieved of stress. Start by customizing your wellness wheel to include the key areas you know you need to focus on and write down a few ideas of how prioritizing each of these areas might look.


Schedule Your Week’s Plans Following the Key Aspects You Choose


Once you have your healthy routine mapped out in the form of a wellness wheel, try to schedule your week to incorporate elements of each dimension. For example, before your week begins, contact a family member or friend to arrange a time to meet. Sign up for workout classes at your gym, or simply schedule a home workout — maybe these two activities can be combined into a walk with a friend. Organization can be a hugely helpful factor in creating a wellness routine. Determining in advance when and how you’re going to do something you know will benefit you is a great way to infuse structure into your life and hold yourself accountable to get something done.

Start Every Morning with Intention


Your routine should start as soon as you wake up to set the tone for the rest of your day. If you spend all morning frazzled and unorganized or lazing around on the couch, you’ll find it 1,000 times more difficult to change your mentality later in the day. You can do yourself a huge favor by starting your day with intention.


Wake up at a productive hour, eat a healthy breakfast, take care of your appearance by getting ready for the day (even if this just looks like following your skincare routine), maybe do some movement in the form of a morning workout and try to give yourself time in the morning to complete everything you need to get done rather than rushing around. If you give yourself enough time to get ready, you’ll avoid stress and will be able to clean up after yourself so you don’t have to come home to a messy house.

Make Time to Focus On Your Health


Throughout the day, try to find moments when you can focus on an element of your wellness. Whether you’ve scheduled these moments in or you find yourself with a little bit of time and want to use it well, make sure you give yourself these pockets to fill with healthy practices. For instance, instead of scrolling through your phone, you could journal, check-in with a friend or read a chapter of a book. All these practices will make you feel better once done since you’ll know you made a healthy choice and prioritized your wellness goals.



Keeping your health and wellness at the forefront of your life is a sure way to help yourself thrive. When your wellness isn’t prioritized, all areas of your life can be negatively affected, so it’s time to cultivate a routine that will keep you intentional about your daily rituals. The time and effort you put into yourself will benefit your whole life, so be sure to use these tips when creating good health and wellness habits.