REVIEW: Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’

(Graphic by Marshall Sunner | Collegian Media Group)

From Netflix’s reality series “Love is Blind,” a new show has arrived. Instead of creating new love stories, it brings in more challenges. “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On” follows six couples who have given their partners an ultimatum for marriage.

During the first episode, hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey explained to the guests what exactly they signed up for, and it seemed shocking all around. While some of the partners didn’t mind splitting up, others didn’t know how to feel about the situation.

One couple, Raymond and Shanique, expressed different feelings toward the experiment. While Shanique was hesitant and remained passive to her new partner during the show, Raymond was driving right into the experience and expressed several emotions to his new partner Madlyn.

The show was packed with unexpected drama, not only from the shock of the new experiment but the huge arguments the couples shared with others, along with unexpected proposals at the decision dinner.

Another struggling couple was Lauren and Nate. For this couple, rather than Lauren proposing the ultimatum, Nate did. He expressed on several appearances that he wants children while his partner does not, leading to several on-camera disagreements — leaving people confused by their unexpected marriage proposal during the decision dinner.

Following the proposal, both the host and other couples were confused about Nate’s proposal, knowing the couple had not resolved any of their problems. One contestant in particular, April, felt they never took the experiment seriously in the first place and that they were cheating themselves out of a chance to really grow as a couple.

As the show continued, so did the issues, as each original couple was separated and paired off with someone new to live with for three weeks. During this time, each pairing gets a chance to see if this new person and relationship is something they would want to continue after the show.

Some couples thrived during the three weeks. Jake and Rae were the most intriguing couple because of how easily they clicked with each other after meeting one time. Compared to the other couples, these two had the best experience, allowing themselves to trust a possible new relationship with the person they chose.

While Jake and Rae thrived in the new setting, other couples like Shanique and Zay had a harder time finding a smooth connection. While Zay gave it his best go, Shanique kept him at a distance for a while, not wanting to fully commit to the new situation. During the trial period, they had a few disputes but grew closer toward the final days of their trial marriage.

“The Ultimatum” was an unexpected experiment, leading each couple to question their current relationships, test their limits and see if their love for that person could withstand the hardest situations. The real question is: did the show aid in these relationships or present more issues for these couples to consider after the cameras are off?

The full series is available on Netflix, along with a cast reunion showing where each couple ended up after the show.