Silver Key organizes baseball event for Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan

Willie the Wildcat waves to crowd during the 7-4 victory against TCU at Tointon Stadium in Manhattan on April 18, 2019. The baseball team held a fundraiser along with the game, in coordination with the Silver Key Sophomore Honorary. (Archive photo by Dalton Wainscott I Collegian Media Group)

Silver Key Program and Project Coordinator and Health & Human Sciences Dean Kathryn Harth said the group focuses on leadership, service and finding ways to connect with campus and the community. Because of this, members of Silver Key partnered with K-State baseball and the Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan to create a service event on Friday, April 21.

“This is the second time we have done this,” Harth said. “The first was in 2019. It started because the 2018-2019 graduating class wanted to create a big service event that would show new members how to plan a service event. Also, partnering with K-State baseball was perfect. They were excited to join us, and the Boys & Girls Club thought so as well.”

Harth said Silver Key planned a fun-filled day for kids in the Boys & Girls Club.

“At the game, we will first get to watch batting practice,” Harth said, “and during that, some of the coaches and players will come into the stands and meet the boys and girls, which is really cool.”

Next, Harth said the kids would get an extensive tour of the facilities.

“We all get a tour of the weight room and the locker room and the practice facilities, so we are going to see all the behind the scenes of K-State baseball,” Harth said.

After the tour, each Boys & Girls Club member will get a buddy from Silver Key and enjoy a minor-friendly tailgate before the game.

“All of the Silver Key members and the Boys & Girls Club will meet for a tailgate in the parking lot where we will eat dinner together, play some games and get ready to get back into the game,” Harth said. “We will sit together in the stands and even get a shout-out from the announcer, which is really fun.”

Alexa Heseltine, freshman in medical microbiology and member of Silver Key, said she is excited about the buddy system in place for the event.

“Each K-State student will be paired up with a middle-school student so that everyone has someone to be with throughout the event,” Heseltine said. “I think it is a great way to ensure that no one is isolated and has someone by their side.”

Ava Perrier, freshman in animal sciences and industry and member of Silver Key, is thrilled for the opportunity to be a role model for younger kids.

“I am very excited to spend time with the kids,” Perrier said. “I hope between us Silver Key members and the baseball players, each child will be inspired in some way.”

Harth said this is an amazing opportunity to pair the athletics K-State is known for and the high caliber of students at K-State.

“This is an honor society, so these students have very high GPAs, are involved on campus and went through a rigorous process to be accepted into Silver Key,” Harth said. “Just like the baseball players had to earn their spot on the baseball team. I think this is giving the kids of Manhattan the opportunity to see two very different sides of what K-State has to offer, with athletics and academics.”

Harth said the 2019 event was a huge success and that she is hopeful this year’s event will be the same.

“In 2019, we won an award for the event from the Center for Student Involvement,” Harth said. “It was the Student Organization Event of the Year Award. We were pretty excited about that and ready to offer the event again.”

Harth said Silver Key is always looking for opportunities to support the university and community. Any organization or person interested in more information about Silver Key can contact her at