Surprise The Dog Mom in Your Life With This Hoodie


One of the best gifts that you can give for a birthday or another occasion to a dog mom in your life, is a perfect hoodie. Hoodies are perfect for people who just need some extra shielding from the cold and wind, and having a hoodie that doesn’t just do that, but also shows that the wearer is a dog mom, is great!


Here are some dog focused hoodies that will be amazing surprises for the dog moms in your life! Plus, if the dog is an active breed, the hoodie will certainly be used quite a lot! The dogs have fur to shield them from the cold and the wind, and now your dog mom will be able to shield themselves with the hoodie. If anything, that also means more outside time for the dogs!

The Pawz Sunflower Dog Mom Hoodie

We are starting with a beautifully designed hoodie, with a perfect design that is hand-printed on an olive green background. The design is a paw placed inside the middle of a sunflower, with the words Dog Mom on the bottom. You can get the hoodie in small, medium, or large sizes, and you also get a double-lined hood.


The best part about buying this dog mom hoodie is that 10% of every single purchase goes to no-kill shelters, keeping dogs alive and healthy until they can find their forever homes. This hoodie is one of the best ways for you to surprise the dog mom in your life, while also keeping other dogs alive until they can find their dog moms as well.

Pizza, Dogs, Wine Hoodie

Sometimes those three things are all a dog mom needs, and who could blame them? Sometimes a glass of wine, a few pizza slices, and a good loyal dog who doesn’t ask for much is the perfect recipe for a great night! Of course, having a comfortable hoodie to do all this in is important too, and that’s where this appropriately named hoodie comes in. 


The hoodie shows off what the dog mom wearing it values in life, and the dog mom hoodie is made of a 50/50 blend of preshrunk cotton and polyester, and it’s a very comfortable gray hoodie that comes in five sizes, from small to 2XL. So, if you know a dog mom who loves all three of these things, this could be the hoodie for them to wear on a comfortable night.

Custom Dog Mom Hoodie

Every mother loves having custom items that remind them of their children, and dog moms are no exception to this rule. Rather than getting them a simple colored hoodie, you can get hoodies that are perfectly personalized for your needs. They can come in gray, green, pink, and blue, and come in sizes from small to 5XL. 


You can also pick up to three dogs and type in their names and breeds. Then the bottom half of the shirt will show your dogs with their names written underneath their pictures! 


It’s an adorable way to spice up a very comfortable hoodie, and it will be something every single dog mom wears with pride! It also is made from 50/50 cotton and polyester and has a pouch pocket to store dog treats as well. If you want to really surprise the dog mom in your life, then this hoodie is perfect for you!

Anti-Social Dog Mom Hoodie

Let’s face it, why would you talk to people whenever you have dogs in your life! Sadly, sometimes normal people just don’t understand that you don’t want to talk to them, but wearing this hoodie should fix that problem. Coming in several different colors, the otherwise plain hoodie has the words ‘Anti-Social Dog Mom’ on the back, so everyone will know that you’d rather be spending time with your four-legged family.


However, if you really want to get the message across you can custom vinyl print the message on the front of the hoodie as well for an extra 6 dollars. This will let everyone know where you would rather be right now!


Otherwise, it has double-needle stitching at the shoulders, neck, and cuffs, and it is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, and it is fully made to order.

The Perfect Hoodie For The Perfect Dog Mom

Whenever you want to show the dog mom in your life, as well as her four-legged friend(s) that you care about them, a custom hoodie will do that the best! Whether it is a simple hoodie or one that is customized to show off their love for their furry friends, you won’t find too many dog moms turning down a well-made hoodie!