11 Things You Didn’t Know About Chebula


Those sincerely interested in skincare and natural remedies may already know all about terminalia chebula and its favorable properties. However, there might even be a few things that you didn’t know. So it’s time to figure out everything about the fruit behind the serums and creams, from its historical uses to its clinically proven properties.


How has Chebula been Used Historically?


For hundreds of years, the chebula fruit has been used to treat several diseases and ailments, which was believed to be extremely helpful in these cases. For example, the fruit’s users believed that chebula could help soothe and calm the appearance of ulcers when its properties were administered correctly.


Others even held the opinion that the fruit could support health related to heart pain and other heart ailments and assist in the upkeep of dental health.


Also, historically, Thai people would use the fruit to support the healing of wounds or in other skin conditions and support those who wanted to support the strengthening of their joint tissues.


Traditionally, the fruit would be used to support digestive health, and it was also thought to support proper function of the colon, liver, spleen, and even the lungs. And, in India, many claim that the fruit supports energy levels, awareness, rejuvenation, and intelligence.


The fruit would also be used to help support immunity, as it was believed that it could help support overall health when properly incorporated into the user’s life.


Does Chebula Help Get Rid of Skin Dullness?


Chebula likely helps support skin brightening. In the present day, chebula serums and creams are frequently used to support the overall look and health of skin, and some of these serums have even been clinically proven to improve the appearance of multiple signs of aging.


Overall, it’s believed that chebula can help support a brighter and more youthful complexion in the skin.


Some serums claim to support the reduction of dullness in a user’s skin and support the appearance of both firmer feeling and brighter looking skin.


What is Chebula?


Terminalia chebula is an ayurvedic fruit, with much historical use across the medical realm. It’s brown and nutlike in its appearance and texture. The fruit is commonly oblong with two pointed ends, and it appears to have a prominent ridge along one of its sides typically.


It generally grows in specific mountain regions, and is commonly used therapeutically in India and Thailand. Now, the use of the chebula fruit in extracts, creams, and serums is spreading across multiple populations, especially among skincare fanatics.


Will Chebula Help with my Wrinkles?


Absolutely! Some double-blind studies have clinically proven that chebula-based serums can aid in the reduction of wrinkles by a significant amount. This means, that using one of these serums can seriously diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with regular use.


One of these studies was about a particular serum containing chebula extract, and the study declared that the appearance of wrinkles could be reduced by 22% after six weeks of correct use. Additionally, 97% of users of that serum would see a general reduction of these aging signs after four weeks.


Further, this chebula-based serum could be clinically proven to outperform some of its competitors, at least in supporting a user’s anti-aging goals in the way skin appeared.


Can Chebula Help Soften my Skin? Get Rid of Roughness?


Yes! In a study for the aforementioned serum, 100% of the users in trials would see softer and smoother feeling skin after just one week.


This means that, in the clinical trials, there would be a reduction in a trial user’s uneven skin tone and skin roughness. Those sorts of trials strongly indicate that chebula fruit extracts have the desirable features and abilities to soften skin and evening out overall skin tone when used correctly.


This may be the case because serums containing terminalia chebula fruit extracts are believed to make the skin feel more hydrated overall, supporting the feeling of smoother skin and reducing roughness and unevenness in the skin. That would strongly imply that these products can support a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion.


Do Chebula Serums Help Fight Dark Spots?


It’s believed that products containing chebula extract can reduce the appearance of dark circles. Generally, these types of serums can brighten skin. Potentially, this could also apply to dark circles under the eyes, supporting the brightening of skin in this area.


In conclusion, clinical studies concerning chebula and chebula-based products seem to indicate that the fruit contains compounds that support the appearance of youthfulness, especially when used correctly and regularly.


This is especially interesting when considering that the fruit also has a long history of supporting health as it relates to several concerns.